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Quad Flatpack Removal Tool

David J Nowak


Quad Flatpack Removal Tool | 12 January, 2000

We have a quad flatpack that is adhesively bonded to the face of the printed wiring board. We need to remove it from the board. The leads have been unsoldiered. We are thinking of placing a rectangular cavity on the end of a shaft over the QFP and "twisting" it off. Anyone have an experience with a method like this? Does anyone knows of any tools for this purpose? Does anyone know of any vendors for tools of this sort? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Quad Flatpack Removal Tool | 13 January, 2000

David: I'd suggest:

1. Cutting and not bother desoldering all leads (to save the pads). Trust me, desoldering is not as easy as some would lead you to believe!!! 2. Levering that puppy offa there with a screw driver and some "padding" to protect the board surface. 3. If you want to go with the twisting approach that you mentioned, try channel locks. They'll work. 4. Finally, some adhesives will soften somewhat when heated.

Good luck

Dave F

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Nancy V


Re: Quad Flatpack Removal Tool | 14 January, 2000

Just a caution on cutting the leads. We had an assembler do that one time and she damaged the pads.


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Re: Quad Flatpack Removal Tool | 14 January, 2000

You need to have the right cutter for that and the necessary skill too. "Erem" a company from switzerland does have a very good cutter for that. I�ve seen cutting done with high speed miniflex ( those dentists tools ) too. Desoldering with a minitip-iron pin by pin bending it up with the tip after the solder get�s liquid performed by an excellent operator works good on finepitch. But it�s all skill dependent.

happy practising


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Re: Quad Flatpack Removal Tool | 14 January, 2000

Nancy: You're correct, it's just that we've lifted more pads through desoldering than we've damaged through cutting. "Got to admit we're getting better, a little better all the time ..."

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