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Justin Medernach


Desiccators | 28 December, 1999

Hi All, Does anyone know of any Desiccator manufacturers other than Terra Universal. I'm looking for a cabinet with flow control and a Hygrometer. Ultimately, I'd like to find something that has "pass through" capability so that parts can be accessed from both sides of the cabinet.

thanks, Justin Medernach

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Re: Desiccators | 28 December, 1999

Hey Justin good to see you. You've been using your Terra box for a while now. Cabinet suppliers are:

1 Nitrogen boxes

STANLEY STORAGE SYSTEMS P.O. Box 1151/11 Grammes Rd, Allentown, PA 18105-1151 800-523-9462 fax 610.776.3895 Terra Universal 165 E Freedom Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801-1006 (714)526-0100 Harris Enviromental Systems Inc. 508-475-0104 Aerofeed Incorporated 215-257-1151 Bill Herman DMS Clean Room Products Lawrence, MA (508)683-2325

2 Dehumidifying boxes

ER Ltd., (McDry Box) (0427)49-9751 FAX (0427)44-4521 Seika (McDry Box) 3838 Carson St Suite 109 Torrance CA 90503 310.540.7310 fax 7930

The dehumidifying dessicant boxes are attractive because:

1 No gas to buy, run-out of, etc 2 Dehumidifying boxes remove moisture from the air and components, rather than just displacing air with N2.

Good luck

Dave F

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Re: Desiccators | 29 December, 1999

Hi, Justin,

As Dave F said in his follow-up, Aerofeed manufactures desiccators of the nitrogen purged type. I'm not sure what your exact requirements or goals are, but I'll be happy to discuss your problem with you if you'll give me a call. We may be able to help. Our phone number is 215-257-1151.

Bill Herman Aerofeed, Inc.

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Mike McMonagle


Re: Desiccators | 29 December, 1999

Justin, You might want to look at the McDry storage cabinets, you can see them at They are also carried by Metal Etching Technology in NJ at 609-261-2670. Not pass-through, but a variety of sizes and 3 different RH levels.


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Stu Leech


Re: Desiccators | 31 December, 1999

At Altos Engineering we do a lot of process testing of our TVP drying systems for demoisturizing. We store test devices in metalized vapor-proof bags. Instead of heat sealing, we use Croc-Clamps to seal the bags. They have been tested for sealing efficiency by Duncan who reports that the seal is as good as heat fusing. This saves us a lot of problems. We open the bag, grab the test samples and replace the Croc-Clamp, avoiding major changes in the moisture content changes.

I'll send you the vendor info if you would like.

Hope this helps

Stu Leech Altos Engineering

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