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SMTA Members - please read this


SMTA Members - please read this | 27 April, 1999

Every year, SMTA give out achievement awards to individuals or companies for outstanding contributions to the industry or organization. One of the categories is the Founder's Award.

The Founder's Award is presetned to a person who has made "exceptional contributions to the industry, as well as support and service to the SMTA."

In the ten years I have been in this industry, I think the SMTnet is one of the best developments I have seen. It's right up there with convection ovens, debridging knives, and full-release paste. In terms of making our jobs easier, nothing tops the SMTnet for it's quick access to information and expertise.

The nomination for this award requires the name/address/etc of the nominated party and the nominating party, and a well organized, clear and concise statement of the nominee's worthiness. Nominations should be sent to, and should be submitted by May 21. The awards will be presented at SMTA International in Septemeber.

Although I have never gotten involved in this type of process before, I will be nominating Cunli for his creation, expansion, and professional support of our SMTnet community. I respectfully urge other SMTA members who benefit from this site to do the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your support for the recognition of this fine forum.


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