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gold finish on pcbs


gold finish on pcbs | 9 November, 2000

We are considering using gold plating on our fine pitch pcbs (as oppossed to HASL). We have heard of long term solder reliability problems with joint imbrittlment how bad is this and does it apply for all of the different plating processes the same? Also running gold boards through the wave solder machine, do they contaminate the solder pot?

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Re: gold finish on pcbs | 10 November, 2000

In response to your questions:

Is the embrittlement from excess gold in lead / tin solder connections bad? It can be vereeee bad.

Does it affect all plating processes the same? Give us a break and read the SMTnet Archives, for instance: BGA problem: open after reflow - Thomas Ballhausen 13:44:50 11/01/2000

Can gold plating on boards affect the wave? Yes, putting enough gold in your solder pot will make all of your HASL solderability protected boards unreliable also.

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