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Parts Storage System



Parts Storage System | 7 November, 2000

What�s the best storage method in controlling SMT parts ? Currently we get all the parts from our stores for certain jobs and stock them in our Reel Racks with their designated part numbers. When they�re in SMT area they all get mixed up with some of the parts were being half way used. I do understand that this is just a matter of method / system and operators training but what method? Is someone out there wanna share their system?


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Chris May


Re: Parts Storage System | 8 November, 2000


Here goes for what it is worth.

We store all of our SM reels in the SM area in proper trolleys (Mossmann-Tebbs types).

They are stored by part number, which sets them into Capacitors by value and size. Resistors the same and so on with inductors etc;

So all 0603 caps, then 0805 caps, 1210's and so on.

Nothing is booked from the stores system until after the Works Order / Job is finished. It is basically "backflushed", whereby if we have built 35 of product X, then we must have used 35 lots of bits.

Seems to work. We used to have a 5% loss built into the system but now with our smart feeders and barcoding system, we just relable after every usage.

Hope this helps.


Chris May

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