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Belt Feeders

Tim Hammers


Belt Feeders | 4 June, 1998

I was looking into different types of feeders. Currently we have a QUAD 4c and several vibe feeders. These cause no end of problems. I have heard several good things about belt feeders and was wondering if any body had any good\bad comments about any manufactures of these. Thanx, Tim

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Wash and bake of blank PCB's before assembly | 4 June, 1998

I would appreciate any information concerning the wash and bake of blank Printed Circuit Boards before assembly. + Is it necessary to wash and bake PCB�s before assembly? + If any, what is the reason for wash and bake of PCB�s? + If any, what type of PCB�s should be wash and baked? + Does wash and bake have any negative effect on the assembly process? Thanks for any help.

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Leo van de Vall


Re: Belt Feeders | 4 June, 1998

We have been selling belt feeders for many years and they perform very well. Larger components can be picked very reliably; setup is easy. The only disadvantage is that for smaller components like SO8, SSOP or any small component that is square or almost square, careful feeder adjustment is necessary. We sell only belt feeders for Philips machines. For other machines, please contact Denny Weldon at Comtra Systems, 1-800-936-6286

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Steve Gregory


Re: Belt Feeders | 4 June, 1998

Hi Tim! There are two belt feeders that I've worked with that I can comment on. You're right about vibe feeders, they're good for one thing as far as I'm concerned...they make okay boat anchors, not good, just okay....(GRIN) The two that I've worked with are Comtra and U.S. Vibra. The Comtra belt feeder is the best feeder for tubed parts that I've ever worked with, I'm not kidding. If you have to use tubes, Comtra is the feeder to have. They've got two types of belt feeders, mechanical and electrical. The mechanical ones I think are just for Zevatech machines, but the electrical ones can be used on any machine. They just need to fit on a feeder location as they run independant of any machine software...all they need is 24-volts and a nozzle to break a I/R beam when it's picking the part. As far as U.S. Vibra belt feeders go, I wouldn't even bother looking at them...they flat don't work, I don't know how they even sell them. I can get into the specifics, but I'd rather not even waste my time unless you really want to know exactly what's wrong with them. -Steve Gregory-

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