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Panelized boards


Panelized boards | 23 January, 2002

We have some pcb assy's that are panelized and very narrow brds. We feel that some of the smt resistors may be becoming cracked when breaking them apart. Though we are scoring them deeper here and have requested our brd house to score deeper, is there some type of tool available to score pcbs (exacto's are not the safest methods) and sources?

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Panelized boards | 24 January, 2002

x-acto's, umm bad news.

Check the fine SMTnet Archives for background, score specifications, and discussion.

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Panelized boards | 28 January, 2002

Yes, there are a few companies that make de-paneling equipment, Cab is one of the larger they make scoring and tab de-panelers. Just keep in mind regardless to what type of equipment is used if the parts are to close to the board you still run the risk of cracking parts.

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Panelized boards | 30 January, 2002

We use a maestro to cut apart our boards at the score line. Details on this equipment at We are currently using this in our prototype lab and production facilities, where we cut the scored boards at rates of 100's per hour.

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