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QFP w/ oxidized leads


QFP w/ oxidized leads | 19 March, 2002

Have QFP at o.5mm pitch with leads too oxidized for the flux in the paste to de-oxidize(in stock for boo koo time). I saw three companies on the Internet that can "tin" (solder coat) the leads. Does anybody have any experience with having this done to components? If so any problems in assembly? The companies I found are: Does anybody know any more? Thx.

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QFP w/ oxidized leads | 19 March, 2002

We have had Corfin recommended to us, but have never needed to use them. Also consider: * EMPF uses a ROSA process for solder rejuvenation. Check with Cal [at Manncorp, a SMTnet regular] for the scoop [chocolate, vanilla, or ROCKY ROCOCO] on EMPF. * XL Addenda 708.971.8843fax8846 Gene Binkowski * Six Sigma 1940 Concourse Dr San Jose, CA 95131 (408) 526-1350 Fax (408) 943-0447

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QFP w/ oxidized leads | 19 March, 2002

PETE - Since you are local to ACI/EMPF you can take a run over there and speak with Greg Parks,PhD on ROSA. His phone number is 610-362-1200 x 267 or email This method is much better than the "re tinning". They can actually revert the oxidation process back to the parts original state.

If you need more help on this....Give me a shout you know the number.

(Tips Hat to Dave for the ACknowledgement)


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QFP w/ oxidized leads | 20 March, 2002

Thanks guys.

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Tony Fox


QFP w/ oxidized leads | 28 March, 2002

Our company carries out this service for major OEM and CEM's Our web site address is Every device after it has been re-tinned gose throught a vision inspection system were it is inspected for coplinarity etc, we also re-ball BGA using laser technoligy therefore omiting another reflow to the device

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