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solderballs after wavesoldering



solderballs after wavesoldering | 22 August, 2000

Hi folk's

With some pcb's after wave soldering ,we find some solder blobs on vias. There seems to be air inside these blobs What can we check in order to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Re: solderballs after wavesoldering | 22 August, 2000

Caumel, You should be able to find sufficient info in the archives. Solder Balls probably hold the majority of posts and should be easy to referance. You can find out what causes them in relation to board material, profile tempature, wave type, flux?, component type, and you can even find tricks to solve the problems that are not process related. All you have to do is look!

That's just my opinion, but this time I'm not wrong!!!

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Re: solderballs after wavesoldering | 22 August, 2000

Jax - absolutely right - the archives are a valuable tool and deserve to be used more than they seem to be.

Caumel - Are your blobs on the solder side or the component side? Are your vias tented on the component side? What size are your vias? Is the solder blob wetted to the via or just hanging around on the resist?

Your blob shape description suggests out-gassing from imperfections in the via wall plating or just plain insufficient preheat to drive off the carrier in the flux. In both cases steam or vapor pressure is developed that, although usually more explosive, could cause your inflated blobs. This is also a good subject for the archives. Good luck John Thorup

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Re: solderballs after wavesoldering | 22 August, 2000

No you're NOT, Jax, you�re 100% correctamuno!!! Thanks for setting-up the soap box.

I believe that responding to repeated questions other than referring the person to the archives degrades the Forum.

This Forum is pathetic in its pandering to people who ask repeated questions. I think that people asking these questions are: * Well meaning. * Possibly are not aware of the archives. * Just caught-up in the press of the events and don�t have time to search.

... or who knows ... ?

I'll reserve opinion on the responders to repeated questions in this Forum. I think the people responding to these questions are: * Well meaning. * Possibly are not aware of the archives. * Just caught-up in the opportunity to help someone.

... or who knows ... ?

Bottom line for me ... we need to maintain a standard for this Forum and NOT allow it to continue on its path to mediocrity.

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FAQs, archives, and the never-ending story | 23 August, 2000

Every forum I've ever frequented has been plagued with repeat questions. It's not just technical forums, either.

Until someone creates a forum that funnels first time users DIRECTLY into the FAQ (and not just the ones about how the forum works)and doesn't let them out until they promise not to repeat any of them, it's gonna be the status quo.

FWIW, I can sympathize with those that try the archives and can't find what they're looking for. It's not that unusual to get a butt load of matches that don't quite fit the bill, or get nothing.

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Re: FAQs, archives, and the never-ending story | 24 August, 2000

The dilemma with this is that the search in the archive is often not that enlighting as someone might hope. Fact is that each new question (and the answers as well) on old topics adds to the archive making it not better. Well, and than look for the right term for your search, as long as it�s solderballing (or was it solderballs or beading) it�s easy, but with other topics you need sometimes luck to have a hit. The archive is just not a FAQ where the answers to special topics are selected and filed for easy use. But who should do this work that would help us all avoiding those annoying threads? I don�t know it. In other forums or newsgroups there�s sometimes somebody who cares if certain topics are to big and repetitive. With time there will be a growing database of basic knowledge accessible for everybody and the forum itself would be free for "not so basic problems" or things that doesn�t fit in FAQs. But I guess that will be a dream ?


PS: I would appreciate if the forumpage itself stays free of advertising and banners especially animated ones, it wastes so much loading time although we have a broadband user-to-user-line. I can understand Earl�s problems.

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Re: FAQs, archives, and the never-ending story | 24 August, 2000

On your last point, Wolfgang, I agree big time. Not that I disagee with the rest, but it's pretty much all been said.

The layout of the forum is showy, which is OK by me as long as they've got the hardware to support it. Unfortunately they don't, and the animated ads, buttons, banners, and all the other resource hogs just slow the whole thing down to a crawl.

I do feel, though, that Earl's comments have the potential to scare people away from this forum as much or more than the things he's so He's taken a whack at me before, much like his comment to SUN, apparently because I wasn't contributing much. Frankly, it doesn't bother me much if he gives me crap because I've got thick skin, but what does bother me is that he implies that if you're not a regular technical contributor you don't mean much to the forum.

Earl, this isn't meant to disparage you, but maybe you could cut us a little slack. Someone has to ask the questions, you know.

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Earl Moon


Re: FAQs, archives, and the never-ending story | 24 August, 2000


Two big time, intelligent responses to my crap. Wolfgang, you do it right by answering real questions with real stuff. Steve, unless you are JAX or SUN (one in the same), those are fair comments.

I do not mean to frighten anyone off the forume. I invite, or challenge, them to think then participate. Hell, I spent three years encouraging everyone to be part of something potentially great. It ain't no more without thoughtful questions and replies to them.

Dave has the most significant database of technical where to go stuff, and many good answers to simple/complex questions anywhere. It takes more than that to get people of their dumb asses and start thinking about what really matters. To those managing this circus, they like money. Good for them. I don't want any of it.

What I want is the gain available through attention paid to good participation through technical excellence. I make my money the old fashioned way. I earn it, but no one is going to make money off my ass without sharing at least information about whose listening to what I say.

I'm no Bob Willis blatently offending his public with contrived photos and CD's. I'm no Dr. Lee, offering one of the best products on our SMT planet. I am one offering direct, technical questions and answers about what this forum is supposed to be about.

I can't imagine how the average Joe/Jane makes it through each SMT day without such answers the forum provides. I cannot imaging why there are not more above average types participating instead of about three.

All I'm saying is the forum's management is misdirected and misdirecting the valuable resource as participants. If participants go away, and away they do, then why would anyone intelligent advertise. I mean, if you don't get the picture by now, who the hell do they think they are advertising to.

Earl Moon

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