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Component designator lengths


Component designator lengths | 13 October, 2002

Have had a request from a customer who wants to use component reference designators of 6 or more charactors. They have a good reason for this from a design point of view but it becomes a problem at manufacture. Our machine (also MRP system) only allow for a max. of 5 charactors. Our machines are JUKI what will other manufacturers machines allow?

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Component designator lengths | 14 October, 2002

Mydata Automation placement machines support up to 35 alpha-numeric characters for reference designators in the program.

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Component designator lengths | 17 October, 2002


If you have a Juki KE-750/760, or the newer KE-2000s, it will support 8 characters for the designator. The older models only support 5 characters.

If you have a KE-750 and/or a KE-760 and you can only enter 5 chars, then call you local Juki support for a software upgrade.


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