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PCB documentation



PCB documentation | 7 August, 2000

I'm looking for some documentation on PCB.

How it's made. What is the properties of each finish and so on. If someone could give me a site or a book I could look at I'll appreciate.



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Re: PCB documentation | 8 August, 2000

Simon: Books that will teach you enough about printed circuit board fabrication to be dangerous, in no particular order, are: * Coombs "Printed Circuits Handbook" McGraw-Hill * Jawitz "Printed Circuits Board Materials Handbook" McGraw-Hill * Macleod Ross "A Comprehensive Guide To The Design And Manufacture Of Printed Board Assemblies - Volume 2" Electrochemical Publications

You'll find more than enough information to impress the ladies at the bar down at Jimbo's on Friday night with your knowledge of fabrication at the sites for: * Merix * Hadco

Good luck

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Re: PCB documentation | 10 August, 2000


when it comes to soldering those lovly little PCb's why not read Soldering in Electronics by R.J. Klien Wassink (electrochemical publications). Dave F found this to be a real hit in Jimbo's! ( I on the other hand, never mastered some of the big words and had to settle or lonely nights of ice cold beer and chips)

John W

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Re: PCB documentation | 10 August, 2000

"Ahh, Beer! My one Achilles Heel, if you will..." Homer J Simpson

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Re: PCB documentation | 11 August, 2000

Sadly, the fairer sex are denied entry at our Jimbo's. Admission can only be gained by the production of a woollen cardigan and a pair of beige corduroy trousers. Still, beer is worth it.

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