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Vacuum Pick up Tool


Vacuum Pick up Tool | 24 September, 2003

Can anyone give a good manufacturer of hand held vacuum pick up tools? I have tried most of the common ones out there.(Vampire,Pen Vac,Selecta)They seem to work OK, but they still lose vacuum and drop parts after a couple seconds. We just got in a new part that is a QFP304.It has a big heat sink in the middle of the component body and it is very heavy. We have already had a couple drop off hand vac. tools while transferring them from matrix tray to matrix tray. These components are very pricey and I cannot afford to be dropping them.


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Pete C


Vacuum Pick up Tool | 24 September, 2003

Try these out

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Vacuum Pick up Tool | 24 September, 2003

Try: * Excelta Roto-Pic� 2000A [] * Porta-Wand or Vac-Pac [] * PELCO� Vacuum Pick-Up System []

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Vacuum Pick up Tool | 25 September, 2003

Pete: That ACL Staticide� is used on the bulb of the Arach Technology & Application Corp Vacuum Pen� to attain ESD proprties, make us uneasy. "Staticide" is a topical anti-static solution. It's a soap that absorbs moisture from the air to improve the ESD properties of a surface. It needs to be reapplied periodically to maintain it's ESD dissipative properties. On a wear surface, like the bulb, it must take a high level of attention to monitor and maintain the ESD properties of the device.

Beyond that, given all the different non-ESD protected materials of this tool, what level of charging occurs when the air is drawn-in and expelled when handling devices?

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Vacuum Pick up Tool | 25 September, 2003

Dave, Don't know, just found it on the web. Most suppliers will send one for trial.

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Vacuum Pick up Tool | 3 October, 2003

You can have Hakko vacuum pen it has motor for vacuum generation in the pen only which results in having more sucking power.

Regards K J Singh

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Vacuum Pick up Tool | 9 October, 2003

Hi Haverhill DavidF, SMTA, SMTnet,

I should know this, since Dave does raise a good point that involves the Charge Coupled Model for how ESD creates an event.

Be careful you don't blow those components as you seek to create higher and higher vacuums. What ever you do make sure you aren't blowing junctions.

YiEngr, MA/NY DDave

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