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Is anybody awake in ADMIN?

Michael Parker


Is anybody awake in ADMIN? | 15 May, 2000

refer to my previous posting. What are you considering? I notice that no one has responded to my last posting. Am I the only one that has this perspective?

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Re: Is anybody awake in ADMIN? | 15 May, 2000


Thanks for the recommendations. The �New Technology� and �Future Technology� forums sound a lot like what we have in mind for the OnBoard Forum (OBF). In fact, we are in the process of lining up, for an upcoming OBF, an author of a �Lead Free� publication. The FAQ�s sounds useful. I�ll look into what a possible solution could be.


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Re: Is anybody awake in ADMIN? | 16 May, 2000

Michael, I back up your wishes for better access to the contents of the archive and also discussions on new trends and techniques. It goes into the direction Earl and Dave were talking about in a recent thread or should I say wish for this site since .... I don�t know for how long. I imagine that�s not an easy task and SMTnet needs some experts doing the job. We as users have to wait and see what happens ... contribute and ...

You see you�re not the only one


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