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Product Traveler



Product Traveler | 2 April, 2005

Hi Guys,

What do you have in your traveler? I would like to review and update our traveler for our manufacturing coz most of our travelers are more than 10 pages of A4 size paper and contains some WI statements.

What do you have in your facility?

thanks and regards,

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Dave G


Product Traveler | 8 April, 2005

We put the following on our travelers:

Finished Assembly Part # Date Started (@ Bottom SMT) Date Finished (@ Top SMT) SMT Inspection -- Just a checkbox Postwave Inspection -- Just a Checkbox Board Wash -- Just a Checkbox Solderpaste Date Code & Type


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Product Traveler | 8 April, 2005

Our traveler contains PN,rev,batch #,where used, due date and the other usual info. We then list the entire routing. At the bottom of the page, we list all of the relevant documents for that product that are available via an electronic doc retrieval system. As product moves from work center to work center, the data for qty, time and QC data is entered electronically to a tracking system.

The paper version of the traveler is only useful while the product is in process as we record no info on it. When the kit moves to finished goods, the paper is tossed as we have the history recorded electronically. This is becoming a problem for our military and medical products (we're an EMS co.) because of the need to record much batch specific data. Now we depend on separate logsheets and it can get messy.

It has me considering going back to a paper system because of this need for signed hard copies. It's either that or have a highly customized electronic data collection system and an army of IS folks.

Any input from the EMS world would be appreciated.

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Product Traveler | 10 April, 2005

The US automotive industry developed QS-9000. Look here:

Within that program is a set of tools and templates. It's possible that their "Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP)" could help in your search [regardless that the specific requirement for APQP may change with the implementation of ISO/TS 16949]. Automotive Industry Action Group [AIAG] [ ] can provide these templates.

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Product Traveler | 13 April, 2005

This string is near and dear to my heart and anyone who can simplify this process will be a hero. Our Production Lot Traveler started with the initial intent of being able to track lot splits (traceability) of jobs and who worked on them (accountability) and this seemingly simple form has now become the catch-all clearing house for any notation that has missed any other piece of customer documentation.

All joking aside, we notate each Work Order Number, assembly number, current rev, date on the floor and date required. Each Work Center is identified, mirroring the production routing, and each Staff member will take responsibility for moving a Lot (entire work Order or a portion) from one operation to the other. In the event a lot is moved, the original form stays with the original kit and a copy of the lot traveler is made, notating the quantity moved to the next sequence in the assembly.

This has been a very problematic concept to implement effectively and to get implemented accurately. Seems simple in concept, however I have encountered less than desirable results.

I respectfully submit my white flag of surrender to all the Lot Traveler Professionals out there ... HELP US!!!

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Product Traveler | 13 April, 2005

Don't know if this helps at all but here you go. I take care of documentation, smt programming, and bill of materials and notes. We have a smaller company so this is how we handle alot of the issues at hand.

Our product traveler consists of what we call SHOP PACKET: Pick List Bill of material Routing (notes) Quality Tracking notes of previous runs. Master Drawing List (what documentation is needed for each area to complete the task at hand).

When the job is finished it is either sent to supervisor for an ECN change or tossed away. The ECN changes for example are notes added to routing or documentation issues.

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