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0402 (1005) component



0402 (1005) component | 28 April, 2005

My company is just starting run 0402 component but the 0402 component giving lot of reject example overturn and pickup miss error so anyone know how to soft this problem

Machine Type:-Pansert MV2F 1)machine already inspection 2)already test new feeder 3)reduce the placement speed 4)nozzle type SA nozzle 5)feeder type 8 X 2mm

Thanks in advance for your help

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0402 (1005) component | 28 April, 2005

Have you checked the placement height? it will need to be set down to about 0.5mm - 0.6mm, whereas you can get away with 0.9mm for 0603. Not a Panasonic expert but I've seen this nearly every time a customer has taken the step down.



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0402 (1005) component | 28 April, 2005

Hopefully it is just the part data a little bit off. But if that doesn't help, make sure the thickness sensor is calibrated bang on. And do the nozzle height adjustment. What are your nozzles and filters like, as far as being clean goes? I've put down 0402's at two different companies with MV2F's and the machines can do them well. Pickup miss usually means your data is on the small side or you need to clean nozzles and/or filters. We don't have panasonic equipment where I am now and it's going to bug me untill I can remember the pananame for the thickness sensor but I'm sure you know what I mean.

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0402 (1005) component | 4 May, 2005

The Pananame for the thickness sensor is the line sensor.

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