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Manncorp Wave Solder

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Manncorp Wave Solder | 11 August, 2005

Can anybody provide any insight to the quality of Manncorp's wave solder machines? I'm looking to go Pb free.

I'm also considering Technical Devices wave solder, which is significantly more expensive and NovaStar wave solder machines.

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Manncorp Wave Solder | 11 August, 2005

Just be careful on preheat. They tend to be weak on those small low cost machines. How well they work for you depends on what type of boards you plan to run. Large thick boards or high thermal mass boards will not likley run too well. Take boards to them and see them solder before you buy. Also, how much do you care about top-side hole fill? You may not get 100% on these small machines. There is just not enough thermal energy in those little puppies.

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Manncorp Wave Solder | 11 August, 2005

The fastest way to kill your career is to spec a TD for your factory.

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Manncorp Wave Solder | 12 August, 2005

Why do you say that Ken?

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Ron Herbert


Manncorp Wave Solder | 15 August, 2005


I am with Technical Devices and I'm sorry you feel that way. Is there a reason for you comment?

We try to do our best to make our customers proud they decided to purchase our machines. If a customer has a problem, and he or she notifies us of the problem, we do our honest best to resolve the problem.


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Paul C


Manncorp Wave Solder | 18 August, 2005

For what it is worth, I found the Technical Devices machine helped by career. We were able to reduce our defects and lower our cost of operation. I also can't tell you how happy the machine made my maintenance technicans. PM is much less hassle. I recently purchase our second TD wave. We are very happy with the machine and the service.

I would be concerned with the Manncorp machine as they are basically a distributor, not technology experts. As for Nova Star, it is not in the same league as the Technical Devices.

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Manncorp Wave Solder | 18 August, 2005

Ken works for Manncorp....that's why. He he!

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