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Fuji IP3

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Fuji IP3 | 15 August, 2005


I have a very annoying problem with the FIP3 machine.

A while ago i had an issue with 2 sensors (only!) basically they were not sensong boards etc. when I checked the voltage I had 12 volts on the GB line which should have been 0v. This problem was intermittent and after Powering the ma chine down overnight the sensors could work for weeks.

Anyway, long story short ,I replaced the sensors but nothing changed, I even mentioned it to Fuji when one of their guys were in for something else but unfortunately the sensors were working fine at the time. To work around this I have wired 0v directly from the power supply and all is fine,until last week 2 more sensors are showing signs of having the same problem.

Anyone experience anything like this b4.

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Fuji IP3 | 25 August, 2005

Does the sensors flicker like fairy lights please mail me and I will help you out

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