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Pyroelectric Sensors

Scott Davies


Pyroelectric Sensors | 16 March, 2000

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of processing PCB assemblies featuring pyroelectric sensor devices, the type used in Passive Infra-Red Sensor modules? Since these devices are, by definition, very sensitive to heat, how do you get round the problems of using wave solder or reflow to process the board without causing damage to these components?

Thanks, in anticipation, Scott

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Re: Pyroelectric Sensors | 20 March, 2000

Scott: Pyros don't like to be heated, so soldering should be done as quickly as possible. Other tips are: * Keep pyro leads long. * Apply solder to the ends of leads. * Heatsink the lead, while soldering by holding the lead with a pair of pliers between the soldering iron and the pyro body. * Avoid any form of machine soldering. * Wear safety gear.

Good luck and heads down

Dave F

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