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Mon, May 11, 2015




With the ever-increasing miniaturisation and complex features of modern electronic products, there is a growing demand for more densely populated, smaller printed circuit boards. In general the majority of devices used on a PCB are passives, therefore a reduction in component size from 0402 to 01005 and below will free-up PCB real estate. 0201 & 01005 do however have their drawbacks. Pad sizes required are more difficult to print, parts require a higher degree of accuracy. The reflow process may also cause defects through the movement of parts, whilst the package size makes inspection and repair more complicated. Bob webinar will also illustrate the experience seen to date on a number of assembly trials.

Topics will include: 0201 – 01005 and Smaller Component Technology PCB Design Requirements Printing Process Chip Component Placement Requirements Reflow Soldering Defects & Prevention Rework and Repair methods

After each webinar there is a Q&A session which provides ample time for all delegate questions to be answered. However if a delegate has a process problem example they would like covered in the webinar it will need to be provided in advance of the session. A copy of the slides presented on the webinar are sent to delegates after the session.

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