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Soldering Technician, Touch-up for PCBAs

Date Posted:

May 28, 2021

Job Category:

Production Quality Control


Santa Cruz, California, USA

Job Description:

Soldering Technician, Touch-up for PCBAs

Perform hand soldering and touch-up rework for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), cables and associated equipment. Inspect PCBA for defects, loose connections, missing components. Solder to perform repairs, maintain record of rework done, complete paperwork associated with built lots. Use associated equipment for component removal and replacement. Build cables from released drawings. Use and improve assembly instruction documents.

We are an essential business with in-person operations. Our ideal candidate is a quick-learner with a positive, solution-oriented attitude.

Detail of Responsibilities:

• Perform hand soldering & touch-up rework for SMT, through-hole, BGAs, and fine-pitch IC components
• Inspect to locate any non-conformances per IPC-A-610
• Cable and wire harness fabrication, including soldered and crimped terminations
• Perform rework based on instructions, Engineering change Orders, process deviation, etc.
• Support engineering projects as required
• Must follow ESD, board handling, and safety practices

Skill Requirements:

• Soldering of components to IPC-A-610 specification requirements
• Ability to work under a microscope and/or heads up display for long periods of time to perform inspection and rework.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Must be able to read and interpret build instructions, specifications, and component values and process procedures.
• Familiarity with AS/ISO Certified Manufacturing or IPC is a PLUS but not required.

Other Requirements:

• Positive solution-oriented attitude toward assignments and problem-solving opportunities.
• Perform extra duties as required to meet deadlines, occasional overtime may be required.
• US Citizen or valid Green Card, English Speaking. Must be able to read and write competently in English.

Please send your resume with a brief introduction as to what makes you a stand-out candidate for this position. Please include your income requirements and availability. Do not call regarding this position.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 - $28.00 per hour

• 401(k)
• 401(k) matching
• Employee assistance program
• Employee discount
• Health insurance
• Paid time off
• 8 hour shift
• Day shift
• Monday to Friday

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