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SMT Manufacturing Engineer

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April 10, 2001

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Landover, Maryland, USA

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Responsibilities: Support and develop procedures, analyze SPC, develop profiles and develop set up procedures for a new fully automated state of the art SMT line. Select materials, assembly fixtures, tooling, stencils, etc for all assembly processes. Determine the most efficient routing, assembly times and costing for new job introduction. Utilize all CAM software to provide maximum process support. Investigate and complete all Corrective Actions and Engineering Changes. Provide DFM input, continuously improve all equipment and processes and select assembly equipment to give LMI a competitive edge. Qualifications: Bachelors Degree in Engineering (or Equivalent). 5 years SMT manufacturing experience preferable. http://www.linsangmfg.com Contact: ncoomber@linsangmfg.com

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