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SMT Machine Operator

Date Posted:

June 19, 2002

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Company Division:

Manpower Professional


Valley View, Ohio, USA

Job Description:

Machine operator to operate an automated through hole and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industrial soldering machines. Operator should have 1 year hands on experience operating the Universal (Sanyo) GSM Platform Machine. Must be proficient enough to work with minimum supervision. An alternate machine may be the Sanyo HSP SMT/ Through-hole machine (High Speed Placement) Must be willing to work evenings and or weekend shift. Pay $16-$18 per hour. Start ASAP Contact Willie Rosemond or Philippe Kline toll free at 1-888-872-5603 or 216-447-9981 or via email (include resume) at willie.rosemond@na.manpower.com or philippe.kline@na.manpower.com

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