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MVT is a global provider of state of the art , automated optical meausrement systems fot the SMt ind »»

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The GS-1 is a CAD driven, in-line component placement inspection and measurement system designed for use in the assembly of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) printed circuit boards (PCBs). Its high speed, and high accuracy characteristics means that it has b...


The SP-1 is an in-line 100% 2D and sampled 3D solder paste inspection system designed for SMT manufacturers. The SP-1 provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements of stencil offset and skew, as well as solder paste area, height and volume. The...

SJ -10

The need for automatic optical inspection (AOI) in the SMT assembly industry is clear. Increasing miniaturisation and placement densities mean that only an AOI system can reliably detect all types of solder defects at line speeds and at a reasonable cost....

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