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PCB Libraries' "Footprint Expert" suite uses CAD LEAP(tm) Technology to greatly simplify footprint and 3D STEP model creation; it is used by tens of thousands of PCB designers and engineers all over the world. »»

Headquarters: Peoria, Arizona, United Arab Emirates

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BOM Builder Service

Our BOM Builder service is a complimentary part building service that really can shave days off every PCB design! By taking advantage of this anytime (24/7) service, you no longer need to waste time to search online for library data, or worse - build libraries yourself!

BOM Builder Service

Design Services

PCB Footprint Expert - Tens of Millions of Parts; 25 CAD Formats!

The PCB Footprint Expert is a powerful CAD library development tool powered by our own proprietary CAD LEAP Technology (Libraries Enhanced with Automated Preferences). It is packed with very powerful advanced library management features that cuts footprint creation costs by as mu...

PCB Footprint Expert - Tens of Millions of Parts; 25 CAD Formats!


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