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AQUANOX® A8830 - Low VOC Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Agent

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A leading supplier of precision cleaning chemistries to the worldwide electronics, metal finishing, medical, semiconductor, and optical industries.

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AQUANOX® A8830 - Low VOC Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Agent

AQUANOX® A8830 - Low VOC Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Agent


AQUANOX® A8830 - Low VOC Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Agent


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AQUANOX® A8830 - Low VOC Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Agent Description:

AQUANOX® A8830 is a mild formulation that does not damage stencils and is highly effective at removing all types of solder pastes (water soluble, rosin, and no-clean) from fine pitch apertures. AQUANOX A8830 is a low odor cleaner that can be used in open systems. The green environmental properties of AQUANOX A8830 make it an ideal option for areas where air emissions are highly regulated

  • Green Stencil Cleaning Agent
  • Low Odor
  • Removes Solder Paste from Small Apertures
  • Does not Attack Aluminum Frames

Aquanox A8830 cleans solder paste from stencil apertures in ultrasonic immersion cleaning tanks, using a 10% solution at room temperature.  The product does not phase separate and requires no mixing before or during use. Aquanox A8830 has virtually no odor with a VOC level of less than 1 gram per liter at use conditions. The product cleans all solder paste types including water soluble, rosin and no-clean. The product effectively cleans lead free no-clean solder pastes. Maximum wash cycle time is typically less than 4 minutes and Aquanox A8830 easily rinses with water, leaving no residue on stencil surfaces. Following the cleaning process, solder spheres fall to the bottom of the cleaning tank. The solder spheres may be removed using filtration or decant catch pans.

When processed in an ultrasonic powered stencil cleaning machine, Aquanox® A8830 also removes uncured SMT adhesives. In this scenario, Aquanox A8830 breaks up, lifts and disperses the SMT adhesive from the stencil aperture. When cleaning uncured SMT adhesives, a slightly longer wash time of 6-12 minutes is needed. When cleaning polypropylene pump stencils, the ultrasonic energy tends to be dampened by the plastic stencil. As such, a longer wash time may be necessary.

The active ingredients in Aquanox A8830 are not consumed during the solder paste cleaning process and very little chemistry is lost when running at ambient process temperatures. After the initial charge, no additional make-up chemistry is required until the wash bath is changed. For preventative maintenance purposes, a wash bath change out schedule of 1-2 months is recommended or in the case of heavy use, a one month change out is suggested.

Aquanox A8830 may also be used to clean pallets, oven radiators and other tooling. When using Aquanox A8830 for maintenance cleaning, heavy soils may require a wash temperature of 40-60°C at a concentration of 10-15%.


AQUANOX® A8830 has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes. For specific compatibility information, please contact your Kyzen representative.


  • pH (10g/L): 11.5
  • Flash Point: None to boiling
  • Boiling Point: 212°F/100°C
  • Water Soluble: Soluble
  • VOC, @ 10%: 0.7 g/L

Typical Processes

  • Application: Immersion & Ultrasonic
  • Concentration: 10 - 15%
  • Temperature: Ambient
  • Rinse: Recommended
  • Dry: Convection / Air Knife

Storage and Handling:

  • Packaged in Polyethylene Containers
  • Store at 5-30°C/41-86°F in Original Container
  • Standard Chemical Handling Practices
  • Shelf Life of 5 Years, in Sealed Containers of 5 gallons / 25 liters or more


AQUANOX® A8830 is available in 1, 5, and 55 gallon (5, 25, 200 liters) containers.

Environmental Regulations:

AQUANOX® A8830 is a non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution. It contains no CFC’s or HAP’s.

Free Cleaning Trials and Process Optimizations:

Kyzen will conduct free trials at your factory or one of our global Applications Laboratories in North America, Asia or Europe. Our engineers and lab technicians have developed, optimized and evaluated thousands of customer cleaning processes over the last twenty years. Kyzen’s Applications Labs are unrivaled in the industry and staffed with experts that have an average of thirty years technical experience.

Aquanox® Family of Cleaning Chemistries

KYZEN’s Aquanox line of chemistries are concentrated aqueous cleaning chemistries designed for the Electronic Assembly, Aerospace and Automotive industries.  Each product in the line has been specially formulated for a variety of cleaning processes and purposes such as cleaning circuit boards and printed circuit board cleaning.

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