Dynavest Pte Ltd

Representative company in Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Philippines/Indonesia/Vietnam/China

Manufacturer's Representative

We are a major supplier of top quality equipments, materials and chemicals to the PCB Assembly, Semiconductor Packaging, PCB Fabrication and Leadframe Manufacturing industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

Surface Mount Techniques Screen Printer, ASC Paste Measurement System, Samsung Placement System, ASTRO Dispensing System, PASI Die Placement System, Re'em Die Attach System, Sensbey Wavesoldering System, USI Spray Fluxer, BTU Reflow System, Getech Routing System

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EKRA Screen Printer

Screen Printing...

Mydata Placement System

Component Placement...

MVP Vision Inspection System

Automatic Optical Inspection...

Pony X-Ray Inspection System

BGA/CSP Inspection...

Jade Series Selective Soldering Machines

SMT Spare Parts and Feeders