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Harwin Datamate High Performance / High Reliability Connectors

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With more than 60 years history of successfully manufacturing electronic components Harwin has an active portfolio of over 50,000 highly reliable interconnects and PCB hardware items.

Portsmouth, United Kingdom


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Harwin Datamate High Performance / High Reliability Connectors

Harwin Datamate High Performance / High Reliability Connectors


Harwin Datamate High Performance / High Reliability Connectors



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Harwin Datamate High Performance / High Reliability Connectors Description:

The Datamate high performance / high reliability connector range is approved to meet the exacting requirements of British Standard 9525-F0033, this conformity is made possible by Harwin’s High reliability 4 finger Beryllium Copper Contact technology.

The Contact features a 4 finger beryllium copper clip to ensure integrity of connection under the most severe conditions. The Datamate range is ideal for applications where safety is key, the application is subject to high loads of vibration and shock or operates in harsh environments. Find out more about Datamate to British Standard.

Datamate PCB connectors features and benefits:

  • High reliability / high performance connector system at commercial prices
  • 4 finger Beryllium Copper Contact ensures integrity of connection
  • Proven history in High End Industrial and Mil / Aero applications
  • Suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature are a consideration
  • J-Tek and L-Tek fixing variants offer additional security
  • Customer specific variants available
  • Mates with known industry equivalents
  • Superior connector performance
  • Subject to continual approval testing
  • Global distribution network - stocked in depth
  • Significant future development program
  • Specialist technical backup
  • Ideal for COTS applications
  • Extensive test data available
  • Complies with BS9525-F0033 / CECC 75101-008

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Connector Types - Datamate High Reliability Connectors

Datamate is a high reliability connector range, with signal contacts rated to 3 Amps electrical current, that is ideally suited to high vibration and high shock environments.

Datamate L-Tek

Datamate L-Tek

Datamate low frequency connectors with 3 Flexible mating options: friction latch, locking latch and no latch.

Datamate J-Tek

Datamate J-Tek

Datamate low frequency connectors with optional jackscrews for increased security of connection, including board mount.

Datamate Mix-Tek

Datamate Mix-Tek

3 connector styles in one. Includes low frequency signal, power (20A) and coax (6Ghz) options. Modular manufacturing allows customer specified layouts in short lead times and at COTS prices.

Datamate S-Tek Datamate S-Tek

Jackscrew connectors with single–piece, machined metal backshells that provide electrical screening against RFI and EMI interference.

Datamate 101Lok Datamate 101Lok

101Lok hardware reduces assembly time by simplifying the mating process. The fast mate hardware requires 101–degree turn to securely mate and requires no special tooling.

Datamate Trio-Tek Datamate Trio-Tek

Performing to the same high-reliability standards as conventional Datamate, the Trio–Tek open barrel crimp contact automates the crimp process to significantly save on assembly time and reduce process costs.

Datamate BS Datamate BS

Manufactured to British Standard 9525–F0033 for safety critical applications. Datamate BS assures total security in the knowledge that the product is of the highest calibre.

Datamate -Plus Datamate -Plus

Datamate with 100% in-process (A & B) testing. Similar to Datamate BS in nature but applicable to the whole range of Datamate product.

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