Logican Technologies Inc.

Western Canadian Electronic Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing Service. Certifications ISO 9001:2008 SCC ISO 13485:2003 Controlled Goods Apple MFI

Logican is an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) offering Contract Manufacturing (CM) across a broad base of industries. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with the technological challenges and change in the electronics industry. Logican’s success is largely due to the resourcefulness, skills, and discipline of our employees; we are proud to have many of our original team still actively creating and implementing solutions.

Our manufacturing services are continually changing to meet the needs of our customers’ evolving products. We support a wide range of business sectors, including;

  • Military
  • Health Care
  • Communications
  • Industrial Controls
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Energy. Oil and Gas
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