Wave Solder Pallets

Wave Solder Pallets

Wave Solder Pallets


Wave Solder Pallets


Board Handling - Pallets, Carriers, Fixtures

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MB Manufacturing

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MB Manufacturing

Dedicated to the design and manufacture of fixtures to improve speed and quality in the assembly of printed circuit boards. Providing solutions that challenge the industry's accepted "rules of thumb" for more than 25 years.

Blairstown, New Jersey, USA

Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place

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Wave Solder Pallets Description:

Our Wave Solder Fixtures increase productivity and eliminate defects in your pcb assembly process.

  • This type of fixture supports the pcb on all four sides eliminating warpage that can cause solder skips and bridges or pcb flooding.
  • They also eliminate the need for taping or adding solder mask to the bottom of your PCB's.
  • Also shown above is a Mother Daughter Pallet allowing customers to standardize there lines and reduce overall cost buy only buying less expensive Inserts for new pcb assemblies.
  • Our unique designs will eliminate skipping caused by the effects of out gassing.
  • Our high tech expertise in carrier design enables us to develop flawless wave solder fixtures.
  • One unique feature of wave solder pallets is the ability to locate and hold components very accurately during the wave solder process there are currently no machines on the market today that can replace this wave solder pallet feature at an acceptable cost.
  • Our wave solder pallets can set the pcb at any angle to improve solder flow.
  • Protect overhanging connectors, gold fingers, and ground plane.
  • These fixtures are available in Titanium or composite materials or in a combination of both.
wave solder with snap on top hat

Wave Solder Pallet with Snap on Top Hat

Wave Solder Pallet with Snap on Top Hat, spring loaded hold down and coil locator makes for perfect PCB’s every time. Simple and fast error proof orientation, with the Ultimate Cross Bar.

Wave Solder Pallet

Wave Solder Pallet

Fast acting, cost effective slide to hold down a row of relays. Features titanium corners to eliminate edge wear in a high volume operations. .


Dedicated Wave Solder Pallet

Unique hinged crossbar has backstop to keep it at the proper angle when open.


Rotary Wave Solder Pallet

Rotary wave solder pallet featuring stainless steel bars that were made using wire EDM.


Mother Daughter Pallet

Dedicated mother daughter pallet with rotary fixtures.


Full Process Carrier

Completely automate the PCB assembly of mixed technology boards.


Full Process Carrier for Rigid Flex Assembly

Features spring loaded pins flush with the top of the PCB forcing the assembly into position for automatic and accurate fine pitch placement.

Customers with conventional machines would be unable to obtain such accuracy without this unique tool.


Dedicated Wave Solder Fixture

Designed to eliminate solder skipping, drag out, and add better connector support.


Full Process Carrier for Silicone Chips

Silicone chips are wire bonded to the PCB.

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