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Founded in 1988 in Rochester, NY, Saelig is a North American distributor with a growing reputation for finding and sourcing unique, easy-to-use control and instrumentation products.


Saelig Company, Inc. has a growing reputation for unique, notable products not available elsewhere. “Saelig” is an Olde English word which means “happy, prosperous, blessed”.  Founded in 1988 by British engineer Alan Lowne, wide range of electronic control and instrumentation equipment and components are supplied to customers ranging from Fortune 500 industrial users, military, educational institutions and hospitals to individual end-users. Saelig’s sales and distribution center is located 300 miles NW of New York City near Critical factors in Saelig’s success are:

    ° Unique, in-demand products
    ° Prompt, knowledgeable response to phone, fax and email inquiries
    ° Helpful pre- and post-sale technical support from knowledgeable engineering staff.
    ° Up-to-date website, current products and prices, efficient ordering.
    ° Unique promotional and technical sales and product fulfillment capabilities.

Saelig has found remarkable test equipment and components from around the world with specs or prices not found anywhere else: entry-level up to premium specification economical oscilloscopes, PC and RF spectrum analyzers, USB and Logic analyzers, Waveform Generators, Digital Pattern Generators, pure RF sources, DMMs, wireless and wired data-loggers, test equipment, SPI/I2C controllers, Touch-Sense, Ethernet and USB ICs and modules, CANbus and motor control boards, high-reliability Industrial and Touch-panel PCs, wireless and I/O control, Ethernet-serial/USB-serial/RS232-485, software, EMI tents and enclosures, etc.
Our company's mission is to find, and successfully promote, unique OEM electronics products sourced from around the world, so that our customers, suppliers, and staff will be “happy, prosperous, and blessed”.

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RevEng Reverse Engineering Schematic Capture System

RevEng offers an effective method of creating professional quality circuit diagrams from a sample board that lacks documentation. The RevEng system comprises a PC controlled continuity measuring hardware system, RevWin control software and EdWin,...


RevEng Reverse Engineering Schematic Capture System

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Choosing An Oscilloscope

Oct 07, 2016 | Alan Lowne

15 points to consider when about to purchase a new oscilloscope...

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Saelig Introduces Sciospec LCR-1 Impedance Analyzer With Extremely Wide Range

Feb 09, 2024 | Based on the same technology as Sciospec's industry leading impedance analyzers, the LCR-1 combines next-level performance with the simplicity of an LCR meter in a compact formfactor, with simple setup and ease of use for benchtop or manufacturing needs.

Saelig Introduces Ultra Small Impact-P 100D To Bring Edge Computing To Harsh Environments

Jul 20, 2023 | Built in an ultra-small, industrial chassis the powerful Impact-P 100D PC provides edge solutions to even the toughest of environments.

Saelig Unveils Patented Pulsiv OSMIUM Power Electronics Technology to Minimize Energy Waste

Apr 06, 2023 | Novel Pulsiv OSMIUM technology delivers high power factor, consistently high efficiency up to 99.5%, in an ultra-compact system design. Pulsiv OSMIUM power electronics technology can be used to improve overall system efficiency, and optimize BOM cost.

Saelig Introduces the ABI MIS4 Test Station - 8 Programmable Test Instruments in 1

Dec 13, 2022 | This versatile, easy-use multi-instrument tester includes eight benchtop instruments that can be programmed for common test procedures

Saelig Introduces Affordable Low Compliance Voltage OR-01 OhmRanger-LCV™ Ohmmeter

Mar 18, 2022 | OR-01 OhmRanger-LCV™ has been designed as a portable instrument for measuring the resistance of delicate components by using a very low stimulus voltage to avoid damaging the device being tested.

Saelig Announces the ABI Website To Promote 'PCB Repair Not E-Waste'

Mar 11, 2022 | This new website promotes the virtues and techniques of repairing electronics products rather than discarding and replacing. It highlights a movement started in 2015 for implementing the benefits of creating a repair-first approach in every business.

Saelig Introduces JRE TVK Isolation Tester for Shielding and Shielded Enclosures

Feb 16, 2021 | The JRE TVK Test Verification Set is a complete kit to easily and economically verify the isolation effectiveness of RF Shielded enclosures

Saelig Introduces Economy 4-Channel 100MHz Siglent SDS1104X-U "Super Phosphor" Oscilloscope

Dec 03, 2020 | The SDS1104X-U is a new economy derivative of the popular SDS1104X-E with slightly reduced capability but fast refresh rate, advanced triggering and features, as well as deep memory at a new price point.

Saelig Introduces "Create Your Own EMC Troubleshooting Kit: Essential Tools for EMC Troubleshooting" Book by Ken Wyatt

Oct 23, 2020 | This 180-page book covers the benefits of creating an EMC troubleshooting kit with suitable Spectrum Analyzers, Near Field Probes, Current Probes, Antennas, Oscilloscopes, Harmonic Comb Generators, and Broadband Preamplifiers.

Saelig Adds New Rigol DSG3000B Series 6.5/13.6GHz RF Signal Generators

Oct 14, 2020 | The DSG3000B RF Signal Generator series simplifies high power setup since an external amplifier is not needed. Engineers can generate more complex signals without additional hardware using the modulation schemes supplied in the DSG3000B with both internal and external IQ modulation capabilities.

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