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“Hybrid” High Reliability Low Ag Solder Paste

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Suppliers of solder pastes, wave soldering liquid fluxes and SMT adhesives and cored solder wires for all soldering requirements.

Tokyo , Japan


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“Hybrid” High Reliability Low Ag Solder Paste Description:

Tokyo, Japan – Koki Company Limited, global manufacturer and supplier of soldering materials, announces the release of new low Ag containing halogen free solder pastes that secures the equivalent joint reliability and heat profile to SAC305, namely S1XBIG58-M500-4 and S01XBIG58-M500-4. The composition of solder alloy for S1XBIG58-M500-4 is Sn-1.1%Ag-Cu0.7%-Bi-Ni, and for S01XBIG58-M500-4, Sn-0.1%Ag-0.7%Cu-Bi-Ni.

Product features
1. “Hybrid” reinforcement by adding bismuth and nickel
Bismuth, whose atomic size is significantly smaller than that of Sn, blocks propagation of dislocation of Sn grains by being scattered in the atomic matrix. Nickel forms Sn-Cu-Ni type fine IMCs in the crystalline structure and prevent Sn grains from growing larger. The two elements interact to make the joint reliability equivalent to, or even higher than, SAC305.
2. Being low Ag alloy composition avoids risk from cost fluctuation
Ag contents of S1XBIG-M500-4 and S01XBIG58-M500-4 are kept minimum and optimal with 1.1% and 0.1% respectively, to correspond to increasing demand for cost reduction. Further, having even fine amount of Ag improves solder joint strength and wetting properties, resulting in high reliability.
3. Applicable to SAC305 reflow profile
Increased melting temperature, one of the concerns with low Ag solders, is resolved by adding Bi. The new solder pastes start melting at 211ºC, lower than SAC305 by 6ºC, and secure longer time over melting point. This makes possible the application of SAC305 reflow profile.
4. Halogen free according to BS EN14582 (Br+Cl ≤1500ppm)
In line with the current halogen free movement, both S1XBIG58-M500-4 and S01X7C58-M500-4 are halogen free, according to BS EN 14582.

S1XBIG58-M500-4 is intended for applications to long-life products and products used in severe operating environment such as home appliances and car audio systems, while S01XBIG58-M500-4 is for more cost conscious products.

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Shantanu Joshi
Technical Sales Engineer
Koki Solder America Inc.
4916 Strathmore Drive, Unit# 4
Cincinnati, OH 45227
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Roberto G. Segura
General Manager
Koki Solder America Inc.
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Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
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