TC Electronics Solution Vietnam

TC Electronics Solution Vietnam (TCE) is an EMS provider in Vietnam. We offer PCB Assembly as well as turnkey products. Target market: US, Canada, Europe, Korea, Japan Segment: Low or medium quantity - High mix Service: 24/24


TCE has been in business since 1990 with it’s core strength in IoT, Video Technologies, Controller Boards and a range of Consumer products. TCE builds turn-key products as well as sub-assemblies. We can also work out JIT initiatives stateside as well as Repair, Refurbish, Replacement as part of the services to the customer. Vietnam is the hot corner of Asia’s low-cost assembly genre. TCE can compete and manufacture any product traditionally targeted of China or Mexico assembly.

A thumbnail sketch of TCE is bulleted below:

  • TCE is located in Vietnam’s premier High Technology Park joining Samsung, Intel, Jabil, Rockwell, Schneider and others
  • Open Book Quotation Practice is interactive with Full Transparency and Confidentiality
  • IP Protection exercised to its Fullest Extent instituted by Vietnam government
  • Anti-Counterfeit Awareness and Mitigation Practices via Global Experts
  • Manufacturing Agreements under the International Centre of Dispute Resolution (American Arbitration Association International Division)
  • Scalable Manufacturing of High Volume to Mid Volume Low Mix
  • Excellent Written and Oratory English Skills for efficient daily Communication
  • TCE operates in Industrial, Commercial and Consumer markets
  • ISO 13485 certification planned for Q1 2019
  • Planned IPO in Q2 2019

TCE’s Website:

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