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NEO COUNTER [Component Counters / SMD Counters]

Neo Counter, Xay counter, changes the way of manual SMT component counting with the latest X-Ray imaging, automation, and AI technology. Users can get SMD, connector, and other component quantity information in seconds. Neo Counter X400 ...

Neo Scan [SMD Reel Storage]

Incoming Material registration refers to the process of tracking and documenting the materials that are stored in a warehouse. This can be important for a variety of reasons, including inventory management, quality control, and regulatory ...

NEO LIGHT [SMD Reel Storage]

Neo Light PTL is an intelligent SMT Storage Rack. It utilizes Pick to Light technology to guide users for SMT components picking/putting. It is helpful when operators are doing SMT Kitting/Replenishment work. Neo Light stores up to ...

SMD BOX [SMD Reel Storage]

SMD BOX MIMO is a SMT tower, which can batch process SMT reel materials storage and retrieval operation. Users can load material with the help of a trolley or AGV to SMD BOX. SMT reels can be ...

Neotel Technology Co., Ltd Technical Articles

The Inline X-Ray Component Counter: The Next Step in SMT Inventory Automation
[January 22, 2023]

The inline X-ray component counter, Neo Counter X800, can receive materials from an automated guided vehicle (AGV) or manually loaded by a trolley. The materials are picked up by a robotic arm and sent to ...

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