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SMT Express, Issue No. 4 - from
Volume 1, Issue No. 4 Tuesday, September 14, 1999
Featured Articles

Book Review
An Engineer's Handbook of Encapsulation and Underfill Technology - by Martin Bartholomew
by Brian Ellis
This book is well-named, because it is more a practical "how-to" book, rather than a scientific treatise. It has the right amount of science to enable an engineer to follow the author's arguments. Mr. Bartholomew obviously knows his onions, as well he ought, because a large part of the work is based on his Master's thesis.

My main worry about this work is its price. It is a fairly small book, one of the thinnest of the EPL range, yet it is by no means the cheapest. I am not saying that it is poor value for money, but it may appear so.

Continuous Flow Manufacturing

CFM Increases First-pass Yield (2 large pages, 3 photos)
by Bob Bilbrough, Qualcon, LLC
Continuous flow manufacturing has become the standard process among the best manufacturers in every industry --- except electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Electronic contract manufacturers have steadfastly maintained batch mode manufacturing (BMM) as their standard process despite a wealth of data supporting the efficiencies CFM. Strangely enough, many EMS providers tout CFM in their marketing pitches without actually employing it. In 1994 I spent a day with a large publicly held EMS provider. My goal was to qualify them to perform EMS for my company. They were doing quite well until we began the plant tour.

Multilayer Boards

Multilayer Board (MLB) Constructions for Highest Laminate Integrity, Dimensional Stability, and Electrical Performance
(3 large pages, 19 photos)
by Earl Moon - Proof Of Design (POD)
The purpose of this article is to ensure everyone involved in the design, fabrication, and assembly of printed circuit boards understands what makes MLB's with the highest laminate integrity, dimensional stability in all axes, and electrical performance.

The scope of this article extends from the design process through all others following. This article's scope is intended to reach all those involved in the MLB design, fabrication, assembly, test, other quality verification, and customer acceptance - before any process begins (DFM/CE).

Proof Of Design a continuing column by The MoonMan

Installment 2: Initial DFM/CE Development Phases
Once, or multiples thereof, I had a boss with limited vision. He seemed, at another time, a damn good engineer. More recently, he made a serious mistake taking a stab at a management role, and all the rest of us soon becoming his new flunkies.

It doesn't matter how good he was once. It matters he lost site of what mattered most to him. What mattered was creating new product proven, time and again, acceptable, reliable, and all the rest. When doing so, he had a clear view of everything needed to reach goals and milestones leading to the primary objective (to be discussed). What he, or we, alone couldn't see, was developed concurrently amongst us all. It was good working with him - until he took a different path making us work for him.

After "crossing over," he had us "just doing it," never mind doing it right. We had now to just get the job done on schedule no matter what it took. He had become a real results oriented "kinda guy" (not my kind) - a "regular" bottom line management type. Shipment, as dollars, became the result for which he always looked.

What's Happening in the Industry
Customer Service Engineers Huntsville, AL
Digital Electrical Engineer Marietta, GA
Calibration Technician Indianapolis, IN
IPC Hires New Director of Public Policy
IPC -- Association Connecting Electronics Industries today announced the hiring of Raul Catangui as director of public policy ...
Buzz Aldrin to Deliver Opening Keynote Address at NEPCON West
2000 Excellence Awards Program Calls for Entries

Upcoming EventsCalendar of Events

IMAPS/SMTA Vendor Show Kissimmee, Florida Sep. 28
West Penn Product Showcase Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Oct. 12

SMTnet Content Report
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SMT Forum
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SMTnet Site News Adds Maps to Company Mini-Pages
SMTnet announces a new addition to the Company Mini-Pages available in our Industry Directory. Now, after you review a company's description and product line, you can click on the "See it on a Map" link to, well, see it on a map. The link is located at the top of the each Mini-Page below the company's name.

The maps are provided by MapQuest. They are generated based on the address information a company provides when they register with SMTnet. If your company's map fails to work properly, you should update the address listed on your Mini-Page.

Publish Your Papers and Promote Your Company
As SMTnet prepares for the next issue of the SMT Express, we are looking to our readers for articles and papers to feature. The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 4th., however, submissions will be accepted any time for future issues. If you have anything you wish to offer, such as papers you have written, book reviews, anecdotes, commentaries, or anything we haven't thought of, please send it to SMTnet.

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