SMT Express Submission Guidelines

SMTnet provides electronics manufacturing professionals with the latest product, process, and industry information that helps them to do their jobs. Our over-riding criteria is interest and relevance to the electronics manufacturing community.

We will consider articles that provide the following information.

    1. Technical advice about solving a particular type of production problem. This could take the form of a "success story" of problem, action, and end results. This should provide detailed information so that readers can replicate the process improvements in their production lines.
    2. Insights about industry trends and developments. These articles might explain how an important trend or issue will soon impact readers.

We will consider both single articles and on-going columns. Column proposals should include the topics of a minimum of 4 columns.

Assume your readers know the basics of electronics manufacturing. You must provide new information for your highly technical peers that is also meaningful for the less experienced. Avoid blatant promotion of specific products or companies. A mention of a brand name or company is allowed when it contributes to the article. We edit self-promotion or commercial plugs.

Word Count/Length
Our stories range in length from 800- 1,500 words. Since the newsletter is in HTML format, we encourage photos. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and length.

Author Byline
Authors will be given a byline stating their name, email, title, company name, city and state, which will link to the appropriate locations on the Internet. Submit this information with the article.

By the time an article is published, authors and thier companies must be registered with SMTnet so that thier names can be linked to their personal profile page and company mini-page on SMTnet.

Submission Inquiries
Please contact us regarding article concepts. Please do not fax articles.

You agree to assume sole responsibility for any copyright and other legal liabilities as a result of SMTnet using your materials on the Internet. All rights and trademarks remain the property of you, the author/ publisher. However, our presentation of your material is our proprietary design and exclusive property. Use without our consent is prohibited.

We welcome your ideas and submissions and look forward to working with you.

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