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SMT Express, Issue No. 5 - from
Volume 1, Issue No. 5 Wednesday, October 13, 1999
Featured Articles

Book Review
Conductive Adhesives for Electronics Packaging - editor: Johan Liu
by Brian Ellis
Wow! Now this is a book! I can say categorically that, until there is a radical technology change, this is the definitive work on electrically conductive adhesives. So, let's start by mentioning some of the weaknesses (yes, it has a few!). Like all books written by several authors, it is very difficult for the editor to provide a seamless assembly. In this case, there are 18 chapters, written by 24 authors from three continents. There are therefore quite a number of repetitions and, dare I say it?, even a few cases where opinions may diverge. Many of the authors are not of English mother-tongue, but the quality of the edition is such that one would never guess it.
Electronic Packaging

A New Light-Weight Electronic Packaging Technology Based On Spray-Formed Silicon-Aluminium
by David M. Jacobson, Materials Consultant
A new family of silicon-aluminium (Si-Al) alloys has been developed for electronic applications. These alloys are produced using the Osprey spray deposition process which achieves homogeneous and isotropic properties. Their advantageous physical characteristics, combining low thermal expansivity, high thermal conductivity, and low density make them particularly attractive for packaging of avionics, including RF and microwave circuitry. These alloys are easy to machine to tight tolerances using standard machine tools and they can be electroplated with gold, silver or nickel finishes without difficulty. Being non-toxic, they do not require any special handling.

Microwave amplifier modules designed for space applications have been successfully produced and tested. The packages have gold-plated Si-Al bases and kovar side-walls, supplied with appropriate r.f. and d.c. feedthroughs. The lids are laser-welded by conventional seam sealing. This package configuration provides rigid bases for the circuitry and a weight saving of typically 30% over all-kover packages.

PCB Manufacturing

HASL: What a Hassle, or HASL'd Again
by Earl Moon - Proof Of Design (POD)
This article updates one I wrote for Printed Circuit Fabrication Magazine in December 1991. Actually, this article trashes that - and about time. I was much too kind then talking about how to control the HASL process. I really couldn't say it was uncontrollable, as no one, at that time, would have believed such an "advanced", save us all technology could be flawed. Well, it's time to dispel that bunk though some still love the stuff, and there are many staunch defenders selling equipment and process elements as well as those using its effects.

Proof Of Design a continuing column (saga) by The MoonMan

Installment 3: DFM/CE Design Development Phases

Sticking it where you didn't expect, eh? That's my future ex boss floating in space (he also hung out there with other space junk, but much too often) with a little reminder from the MoonMan and DFM/CE. It should be noted I stuck it to him, but I didn't do any serious harm - you know what I mean? Hell, I didn't deflate his space suit - only a little ego.

Sure, that's me now. MoonMan survived the stupid boss trick and has become capable of moving about the universe unencumbered while experiencing minor breathing problems (gasp!) and those associated with irregular paychecks. Wonder if that makes peristalsis irregular too? Only if I can't eat, I guess.

Often I travel about my little corner of the universe, leaving one contract for another. I've already seen all our planets and galaxy. Don't be surprised. I am the MoonMan. Doing so, a feeling of freedom wells up inside. It is almost like sex was at one time (what time is it?), or was that love? Damn, wish I could remember all I forgot. Traveling this way often provides an opportunity to explore the back roads (when not forced onto a "super-slab" at 80 + miles an hour). I can describe it no better than those of you so fortunate. It's like being liberated from all care, for a time, allowing sights never before seen to excite all senses. Even though the vistas and feelings probably were experienced many times before, it's always great to "get away from it all" - especially the rules.

What's Happening in the Industry
SMT Operators North Attleboro, MA
Technical Services Supervisor Flowery Branch, GA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer Eugene, OR
Wall Street to Give View of EMS Industry at APEX
IPC -- Association Connecting Electronics Industries today announced the selection of three respected analysts as keynoters at APEX ...
New Quad Meridian´┐Ż Series SMT Assemblers
Philips and Yamaha extend SMT partnership

Upcoming EventsCalendar of Events

PCB Asia 99 Shanghai, China Oct. 19-22
Surface Mount Technology Course Cairo, Egypt Oct. 19
NEPCON Texas Dallas, Texas Oct. 26-28

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SMTnet Broadens Its Scope With New Forum Topics
SMTnet continues to grow and evolve, based largely on the suggestions of our rapidly growing user base. Our broad-based technical forum, already the most popular in the electronics manufacturing industry, is expanding to include focused discussions in the areas of:
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The new forum topics will allow professionals from different disciplines to organize and participate in discussion threads that are relevant to their interests. We expect this to greatly increase participation in the forum section, and make the site and its archives a valuable resource to a broader range of industry professionals. You can help us build value in the site by forwarding the SMT Express to others who could benefit from its new and broader industry perspective!

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My SMTnet, the customizable home page for registered SMTnet users, has seen two new features added in the last month. The new Stock Quotes section allows users to enter a ticker symbol or company name and get instant quotes and other related information. The new Map Search section lets users generate maps based on any street address. Adding these new sections to your My SMTnet page is easy. Simply go to My SMTnet, click the link on the left that says "Edit Layout", and the rest is self-explanatory.

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SMT feeders

Selective soldering solutions with Jade soldering machine

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