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SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 3 - from
Volume 2, Issue No. 3 Thursday, March 16, 2000
Special Announcements

more belowGeorgia Institute of Technology and SMTnet Forge B2E Alliance

Featured Articles

Stencil Design
Stencil Design for Mixed Technology Through-hole / SMT Placement and Reflow
William E. Coleman, Photo Stencil, Colorado Springs, CO, Denis Jean, 3Com, Mt. Prospect, IL, Julie Bradbury, Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
This paper will review stencil design requirements for printing solder paste around and in through-hole pads / openings. There is much interest in this procedure since full implementation allows the placement of both through-hole components as well as SMD's and the subsequent reflow of both simultaneously. This in turn eliminates the need to wave solder or hand solder through-hole components.

Material type, pin type, lead length, and standoff height of the through hole components will be reviewed. Board design issues including plated through-hole size, pad size, board thickness, and solder mask type will also be reviewed ...
Curtailing Voids in Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array Solder Joints
by Gary Morrison and Kevin Lyne, Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX
Minor voiding in Ball Grid Array (BGA) solder joints is a common phenomenon, so these voids are not often considered to pose a vital threat to solder joint reliability. It has been found, however, that incorrect handling conditions can create open solder joints during reflow. This paper investigates some causes of voiding and open solder joints, and recommends ways to avoid them. Various design and assembly parameters have been studied to understand the phenomena. Several factors that affect the formation of voids are reported. The investigation reveals that the cause of void-induced open solder joints is primarily outgassing of moisture from components where proper handling precautions have not been observed. If proper handling precautions are followed, these components are shown to have none of the excessive voiding described ...

SMTnet Site News

Georgia Institute of Technology and SMTnet Forge B2E Alliance

Leading Electronics Manufacturing Portal to Exchange Forum and Research Content

SMTnet and the Center for Board Assembly Research (CBAR) at the Georgia Institute of Technology have announced a partnership to share resources and technical content over the World Wide Web. is a portal site serving a community of engineering professionals in the electronics manufacturing industry. CBAR provides industry focused Research and Development on SMT assembly processes and systems.

The agreement between SMTnet and Georgia Tech provides for the distribution of SMTnet�s Electronics Forum over the CBAR�s web site, providing convenient access to SMTnet�s community of electronics manufacturing professionals and Georgia Tech�s faculty and students. In addition, Georgia Tech will publish technical papers in the SMTnet professional library, bringing cutting edge research directly to professionals in the workplace.

SMTnet has a model for online community development that is perfectly suited to leverage the value of the Business-to-Education relationship. �Our forums provide a convenient linkage between businesses, students, and academics. Combined with our expanding technical library, SMTnet is a powerful problem solving resource for electronics manufacturers.� explains Keith Luke, Content Manager at SMTnet.

�The CBAR�s mission is to advance the state-of�the�art in Electronics manufacturing. SMTnet allows a forum for our professors, students, and research engineers to interact with industry. We look forward to interacting with the SMTnet community,� says Matt Perry, Program Manager at CBAR.

SMTnet makes its Electronics Forum available through a proprietary process known as Distributed Interactive Content. A patent is currently pending on the distributed content process. You can visit the Georgia Tech forum site at SMTnet�s forum is located at #Application.SmtNet.baseURL#/electronicsforum.

Help Improve SMTnet's Career Center Services
SMTnet is the answer to all your electronics manufacturing industry needs, but there is always room for improvement on the SMTnet site to better serve our visitors. Remember, SMTnet is your site. We are here to structure, shape, and form your site the way you want it to be. We are want to hear from you on how we can better serve electronics manufacturing professionals in the Career Center area of the site. We are prepared to make the changes necessary to help you get the information you need to find that "Dream Job" you have been thinking of. SMTnet�s Career Center will make as many changes necessary to help you get a complete Career Center experience and will give you the guidance on how to write a resume, interview, etc. so that you don�t have to leave the Career Center to find this information. To do this, we need your feedback. What have you found or believe will improve your chances of finding that "Dream Job"? Those of you who have already visited the Career Center know that we have already added recruiting services. "Whatever it takes" is a great motto to work by and we are ready to do just that. If you have ideas on what you believe are the answers to making the Career Center a more productive area of SMTnet, you should send them directly to SMTnet.

Currently in the Career Center you have the option to post resumes, view resumes, post jobs, view jobs. SMTnet knows that sometimes professionals want to keep their employment/company name, background, or contact information private from the public. You have the option to do just that when you register with SMTnet and decide to post your resume, you DO NOT have to provide this information. If someone is interested in your background, we get your permission to provide it to them, confidentially. For employers who are trying to replace a position, the same confidential choice is there. SMTnet is all about doing it your way.

SMTnet encompasses the electronics manufacturing industry community; your niche market. What a better place to get all your questions answered. Other sites may include your industry among a myriad of other areas, but SMTnet is here to provide information that pertains to you and your industry. SMTnet is focused on providing industry specific information so you don�t have to search for hours to find the answer you have been looking for. You will no longer have to turn to gigantic search engines and look through hundreds of choices before you run across something that is appropriate to you . SMTnet makes it efficient ad productive.

Please join us in making SMTnet a better site to serve you by giving us your feedback. Contact us at SMTnet

New Talkback Feature Added to Newsletter Articles
A new feature, called Talkback, has been added to the articles in the SMT Express newsletter. Talkback will make the newsletter more interactive by allowing readers' to comment on the articles. Reader comments are immediatley appended to the article itself. At the end of each article, you will see a link inviting you to post a Talkback. By clicking on it, you can post your comments directly to the page. Other readers' comments will appear there as well. This new feature will help improve the quality of the the newsletter, and insure that readers are being provided with the information they need.

Publish Your Papers and Promote Your Company
As SMTnet prepares for the next issue of the SMT Express, we are looking to our readers for articles and papers to feature. Submissions will be accepted any time for future issues. If you have anything you wish to offer, such as papers you have written, book reviews, anecdotes, commentaries, or anything we haven't thought of, please send it to SMTnet. Also, please read the submission guidelines.

The SMT Express is sent to thousands of electronics manufacturing professionals worldwide each month. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and/or your company for free. In addition, a complete archive of past issues is avaiable at, so your work will continue to be read long after the newsletter is released.

What's Happening in the Industry
Component Engineer Jackson, MI
SMT Engineer Knoxville, TN
Sales Rep or Sales Manager for PCB Assembly Shop Irvine, CA
German Court Favors Quad's Patent Positions Regarding Component Alignment Systems
Willow Grove, PA, March 13, 2000 � Quad Systems Corporation announced today that in an oral hearing on February 22, 2000, the German Federal Supreme Court indicated that in its forthcoming written decision, a German patent of Quad�s competitor Zevatech AG will be nullified ...
IPC Issues Call for Papers for APEX 2001
AMD To Release 1GHz Athlon Microprocessor

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PCB Design Conference West Santa Clara, California Mar. 20-24
NEPCON Korea 2000 Seoul, Republic of Korea Mar. 23-29
NEPCON Shanghai Shanghai, China Mar. 27-30

SMTnet Content Report
SMTnet is the most informative electronics industry Web site on the Internet. We are constantly adding more content and intend to keep you informed of our progress since the last issue of this newsletter.

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