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SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 4 - from
Volume 2, Issue No. 4 Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Special Announcements

SMTnet Announces OnBoard Forum
New Feature to Bring Distinguished Professionals to SMTnet.

Buy It at Amazon.comSMTnet is joining with McGraw Hill Publishers and Amazon to sponsor a new regular feature at SMTnet, the "OnBoard Forum". Each month we will bring leading authors and professionals in the electronics manufacturing industry to SMTnet to participate in discussions of new technologies, new products, and developments in the industry directly with our community.

Our first OnBoard Forum will feature Charles A. Harper, Editor of the just released Third Edition of the Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Handbook. Harper's other books include the Active Electronic Component Handbook, High Performance Printed Circuit Boards (Professional Engineering) and the Passive Electronic Component Handbook.

Look for leading SMTnet contributor DaveF's review of the new Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Handbook in our May SMT Express. In the meantime, review the Introduction to the book.

We've tentatively scheduled the Harper discussion for mid-May. Look for an invitation to participate, including the final date and time in the next two weeks.

Featured Articles

SMT Assembly
Analysis of Factors that Affect Yield in SMT Assembly
Edward Kamen, Alex Goldstein, Orapin Asarangchai, Georgia Institute of Technology, Allan Fraser, Kyle Klatka, GenRad, Inc., Joe Belmonte, Speedline/MPM, Robert Huber, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
In many SMT production lines in operation today there is a substantial amount of data collection on yield and on the performance of the equipment in the line. Although a great deal of data is available, there is a lack of effective techniques for processing the data to determine the operational status of the equipment, or to be able to carry out predictive maintenance. Standard SPC charts represent the state-of-the-art in industry. However, the data collected from a standard SMT process is typically very noisy due to the natural variability of the SMT process itself, as well as the inherent measurement errors of the process monitoring equipment. To compound the problem, the relationships between all the various process variables and yield are unclear ...
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Career Services
Millennuim HR Offers Career Services on SMTnet
by Dan Parsons, Millennium HR
Millennium HR is pleased to be in association with SMTnet and is committed to their goal of offering a full range of confidential employment services to SMTnet members. Submit your resume to SMTnet's Career Center to take advantage of all that Millennium HR has to offer.

The staff at Millennium HR combines over 40 years of first-hand electronics industry experience with over 25 years of staffing industry experience to provide candidates with an unparalleled, current knowledge of the high-tech electronics market. Our central goal is to establish and maintain long-lasting professional relationships with candidates and industry-leading clients and provide the most dependable, confidential, and time-sensitive employment solutions available. Our services cover the full employment spectrum from resume preparation and interviewing techniques to providing up-to-date relocation information ...

SMTnet Site News

New Talkback Feature Added to Newsletter Articles
A new feature, called Talkback, has been added to the articles in the SMT Express newsletter. Talkback will make the newsletter more interactive by allowing readers to comment on the articles. Reader comments are immediatley appended to the article itself. At the end of each article, you will see a link inviting you to post a Talkback. By clicking on it, you can post your comments directly to the page. Other readers' comments will appear there as well. This new feature will help improve the quality of the the newsletter, and insure that readers are being provided with the information they need.

Publish Your Papers and Promote Your Company
As SMTnet prepares for the next issue of the SMT Express, we are looking to our readers for articles and papers to feature. Submissions will be accepted any time for future issues. If you have anything you wish to offer, such as papers you have written, book reviews, anecdotes, commentaries, or anything we haven't thought of, please send it to SMTnet. Also, please read the submission guidelines.

The SMT Express is sent to thousands of electronics manufacturing professionals worldwide each month. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and/or your company for free. In addition, a complete archive of past issues is avaiable at, so your work will continue to be read long after the newsletter is released.

What's Happening in the Industry
Manufacturing Trainer San Jose, CA
Field Service Engineer Horsham, PA
PCB Designer Anaheim, CA
Circuit Center President Takes Reins of IPC BOD
The board of directors for IPC � Association Connecting Electronics Industries is under new leadership. Ron Underwood, president and CEO of Circuit Center, began his tenure as chairman of the board at IPC Printed Circuits Expo ...
New DPMO Benchmarks Set by CEERIS
New Quad Bulk Feeders Enhance Placement System Flexibilty, Accuracy and Utilization

Upcoming EventsCalendar of Events

4th Annual SMTA Atlanta EXPO Duluth, GA Apr. 27
SMT Prototyping and Repair Giza, Egypt Apr. 29
Midwest Electronics Expo Minneapolis, MN May. 11-12

SMTnet Content Report
SMTnet is the most informative electronics industry resource on the Internet. New content is constantly being added, so we provide you with this content report to keep you informed of our progress since the last issue of this newsletter.

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