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SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 9 - from
Volume 2, Issue No. 9 Thursday, September 14, 2000
Special Announcements

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to Feature Erick Russell

September 18, 2000 12:00 AM ET to September 21, 2000 5:00 PM ET

Erick Russell is Product Manager for Laser Soldering Products at ViTechnology. Mr. Russell�s work with ViTechnology includes the development of photonic soldering equipment, research and development of future laser products and customer support for the installed base of ViTechnology products. Mr. Russell�s professional experience prior to that at ViTechnology includes developing procedures and equipment for manual and semi-automatic PCB rework and repair and training customers on current equipment procedures. Mr. Russell also contributed material for IPC-7721 "Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies."

Mr. Russell looks forward to fielding your questions regarding photonic soldering for rework applications, how this technology compares to conventional convection rework systems and, where proprietary information is not requested, theory surrounding photonic soldering technology.

Questions may be posted to the OnBoard Forum at anytime between the beginning and ending dates. However, Mr. Russell will answer posted questions between 8AM and 5PM on Thursday the 21st.

Featured Articles

Book Review
Wire Bonding in Microelectronics: Materials, Processes, Reliability, and Yield 2nd edition by George G. Harman
Reviewed by Dave Fish (davefView davef's Profile), Pandion Electronics, Inc.

"Wire Bonding in Microelectronics: Materials, Processes, Reliability, and Yield" 2nd edition by George G. Harman is a excellent book for those involving in troubleshooting wire bonding production processes and those doing failure analysis of wire bonded components.

A few of years ago, "Wire Bonding in Microelectronics" seemed less relevant to electric circuit board assembly than it does today. It's primary utility was for those involved in back end of the line integrated circuit and other semiconductor component assembly and failure analysis laboratories...

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Reflow Profiling
The Benefits of Implementing a Ramp-to-Spike Profile
by David Suraski (David Suraski/AIMView David's Profile), AIM Products, Inc.

The issue of reflow profiling has been and continues to be a hot topic. Questions ranging from Why Profile? to How To Profile? to How Can I Better Profile? continue to proliferate. However, the pains often associated with profiling can be reduced greatly if certain guidelines are followed and if there is a strong understanding of the variables that can be encountered during the reflow process. This paper shall discuss the appropriate guidelines and troubleshooting methods for reflow profiling, and in particular shall focus upon the advantages of newer-style reflow ovens and the benefits of implementing the linear ramp-to-spike profile...

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SMTnet Site News

The Budgeting Season Approaches!
SMTnet provides a broad bundle of services and resources to those in the electronics manufacturing industry; all free of charge. Professionals appear to value these services. The site is active and growing with over 40,000 user sessions each month and over 1,000,000 hits per month! With new features like a site-wide search capability and the OnBoard Forums, SMTnet continues to evolve to satisfy the informational needs of the community it serves.

SMTnet is able to provide these services only through the generous financial support of companies like yours; companies that want to be in front of the audience SMTnet attracts. As the budget season approaches we encourage you to keep SMTnet in mind along wth the valuable services it provides your company and professionals in the electronics industry. Please call Roland Girouard at (207) 780-0887 or email SMTnet for more information on ways in which you can support this community.

Publish Your Papers and Promote Your Company
As SMTnet prepares for the next issue of the SMT Express, we are looking to our readers for articles and papers to feature. Submissions will be accepted any time for future issues. If you have anything you wish to offer, such as papers you have written, book reviews, anecdotes, commentaries, or anything we haven't thought of, please send it to SMTnet. Also, please read the submission guidelines.

The SMT Express is sent to thousands of electronics manufacturing professionals worldwide each month. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and/or your company for free. In addition, a complete archive of past issues is avaiable at, so your work will continue to be read long after the newsletter is released.

What's Happening in the Industry
PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Designer Neenah, WI
SMT Equipment Sales Seattle, WA
Electronic Engineers Charlotte, NC
GRAND JUNCTION, CO � GPD, a division of LIFT Industries, Inc., announces an agreement with C-PAK Corporation, under which C-PAK has been appointed as a worldwide distributor of GPD�s Peel Back Fo...
Coretec Offers Post-layout DFM Analysis Services to OEMs
Valor Announces Latest Generation of Trilogy 5000 CAM System for Assembly and Test

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SMTA International Rosemont, Illinois Sept. 24-28

SMTnet Content Report
SMTnet is the most informative electronics industry resource on the Internet. New content is constantly being added, so we provide you with this content report to keep you informed of our progress since the last issue of this newsletter.

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thru hole soldering and selective soldering needs

PCB Handling with CE

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