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SMT Express, Volume 5, Issue No. 2 - from
Volume 5, Issue No. 2 Wednesday, February 19, 2003
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Who's OnBoard?
Michael Sivigny
Begins: Monday, March 3, 2003 8:00 AM ET
Ends: Friday, March 7, 2003 5:00 PM ET

Michael Sivigny  is a Solutions Manager for EAGLE-EYED ONE. His main emphasis has been to integrate a unique third party machine capability test method for benefit of the electronics manufacturing industry.

  • Machine capability on SMT Equipment
  • Process capability on SMT Equipment
  • Productivity enhancement through machine optimization
  • Statistics behind capability evaluations
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    Book Review

    Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction
    by William D. Callister, Jr

    Reviewed by Dave Fish (davef ), Pandion Electronics, Inc.

    William D. Callister and Lawrence H. van Vlack are the authors of the two principle material texts. After reading Callister, I've donated my van Vlack to the library used book sale. Without a doubt, this is one of the most well written textbooks I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

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    Industry News
    Accord to Boost SMT Line Flexibility Electronicstalk, February 6, 2003

    Tecnomatix Technologies is working with Fuji Machine Manufacturing Company to extend the current SMT programming capabilities for mutual customers.

    VOGT electronic FUBA Makes Its Own Rules CircuiTree, February 18, 2003

    Vogt electronic FUBA distinguishes itself and succeeds with unorthodox corporate path

    Technology News
    Back-to-Back BGA Routing Printed Circuit Design, January 2003
    (link is to a PDF file)

    Back-to-back BGAs are growing in popularity on crowded circuit boards

    The Pin-in-Paste Process Assembly Magazine, February 2003

    The pin-in-paste (PIP) process can often replace wave soldering

    Machine Vision Products granted US Patent Electronicstalk, February 2003

    CIMCIS allows manufacturers to monitor their processes in real time.

    Company Business News
    Suntron Corp. Forms Strategic Partnership with UMD Technology
    Unimicron Reports 4Q, 2002 Results
    HDI Sales Made Up Larger Share of Net Sales in 4Q
    Contract Manufacturers look to 3PLs for Enhanced Growth Opportunities
    Contract manufacturers believe there is considerable value in forging partnerships with 3PLs.
    More News
    Company Technology News
    Water-Based Flux Line Covers Full Range of Applications
    To Meet Government Environmental Standards and Individual Company Policies, While Satisfying Production Requirements
    DEK and Gore Introduce snapSHOT´┐Ż Board-Level EMI Shielding Solution
    Provides Devices with Excellent Protection Against EMI and Overcomes Limitations of Metal Cans
    Hong Kong Membrane Circuit to Combine Membrane Switches with Flexible PCBs
    A Product Incorporating this Technology can be Loaded with More Features
    RSI's eSight Design for Manufacturability Solution Lowers PCB Manufacturing and Implementation Costs
    eSight Can Reduce Time-to-manufacture and Time-to-market by as Much as 80%
    More News
    SMTnet Forum Discussions

    Foam Fluxer - Porous Cylinder
    Posted by Hany A. Salam

    Hi There,
    We have a wavesolder m/c with foam fluxer. I want to know:
    - When we do not run the machine, how to keep the fluxer porous cylinder in a good condition? knowing that we use no-clean flux.
    Is it the same when we stop for a few days or weeks,monthes ,.....?
    Thanks in advance

    Nitrogen wave soldering
    Posted by adlsmt

    Does anyone have any experience with setting up a nitrogen supply system to a wave solder machine that is equiped for it? Does the nitrogen need to be room temp or higher? Does it make a big difference with bridging or solder quality? We bought a used Electrovert UPK650C and its set up for it and without it produces so much dross its not economical to run.

    Hallo, Hallo!!! Is that my cell or is it yours?
    Posted by Dave F

    We allow people in our shop to take calls on their cell phones any time they get a call, thinking that in case of an emergency they should be able to respond to their family's need for help. We ask that people close their calls that do not require immediate attention and reconnect with that caller during the next scheduled break. Some complain about others abusing this privelage by attending to personal business during work hours.

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