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SMT Express, Volume 5, Issue No. 9 - from
Volume 5, Issue No. 9
July 16, 2003

Global manufacturing solutions provider

Pillarhouse USA for handload Selective Soldering Needs

SiR Testing

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Orbotech Receives Major Order
AU Optronics Orders 10 Additional AOI Systems

Vitronics Soltec's Tour a Success
18-City North American Technology Tour Concludes

Creation Technologies Acquires Eder
Purchased 100% of the Outstanding Shares of Eder

YESTech and Aegis Enter Partnership
To Adapt CircuitCAM for Auto-Training Inspection Systems

KEMET Announces Enhanced Strategic Plan
Reorganizing Operations Around the World

Jabil Circuit Implements Management Solution
Deploys Tradec's Cost Management Solution

Mentor Unveils New Version FPGA Advantage���
To Manage Growing Design Complexity

Long Life for Heatsink Thermal Tape
High Bond Strength to Low-Energy Surfaces

Mentor's RocketIO Design Kit for HyperLynx
Simplifies Simulation of Xilinx Multi-Gigabit Designs

Aries' New Cost-Effective Socket
CSP/MicroBGA Test and Burn-In Socket

phoenix|x-ray Offers Non-Destructive Testing
With High-Resolution Computed Tomography

MS11 DIN Rail Assembly
Designed For Flexibility

Surface Mount Components
Connector Miniaturization Keeps Pace
From SMT Magazine

Board-level Reliability Design
Analysis of Three Types of 0.5 mm Pitch CSPs
From Advanced Packaging

Set Up for Success
Manufacturers Minimize Changeover and Maximize Efficiency
From Assembly Magazine

Market Outlook -- Walt Custer
Equipment Orders Continue to Grow; PCBs Still Struggle
From CircuiTree

Photronics Names New VP
John Chin Appointed Vice President - Asia
Smartsonic Model 4200 Ultrasonic stencil cleaner
Posted by Pro-Con Technologies

Posted by Recon Inc.

Panasonic / Fuji..... CP-7/MV2VB/MPAV2B
Wanted by SMT Int'l

Flex circuit assembly
Posted by Mike J
Are there any guidelines when building products with flex circuits?

Solder fillet peeling
Posted by Steve Thomas
We've received some boards with numerous resistors showing separation of the solder from the metallization at the top of the joint.

Pinhole Solder Joint Reliability
Posted by iman
The pinhole occurs in solder joint of a Land-Grid-Array side-wall fillets. Our customer is asking if its possible to reduce the pinhole/blowhole issue to ZERO levels?

The Digital Home Value Chain
July 17, NYC New York

Vibration And Shock Training
August 12-14, Seattle

Quality Director
Location: New Hampshire

Production Engineer/Technician - Part Time
Location: New York

SMTA Announces Award Recipient
2003 Hutchins Grant Award Recipient Announced

Indium Engineers Gain SMTA Certification
SMTA Certification for the SMT Process

SMTA Establishes MSD Council
Advancing the Understanding and Practice of MSD Control

2003 IPC Annual Meeting
Lead Free Solders and Embedded Passives Headline

IPC Releases New Tools for Industry
First Revision to IPC-2220 Standard
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