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IPC Printed Circuits Expo APEX

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IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit

Las Vegas, March 11 2008 (APEX)

IPC expects more than 13,000 individuals in the electronic interconnect industry, including attendees, exhibitors and press, to descend upon Las Vegas to attend the premier annual technical conference and exhibition for printed circuit boards, design, electronics manufacturing and test. IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit will be held April 1-3, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center.

A who's who lineup of the major players in the electronic interconnect industry will headline the technical conference April 1-3. Through a competitive abstract review, the best papers from around the world were selected for presentation. In total, 35 sessions and 100 experts will present leading research and findings impacting the industry. Attendees will be privy to the latest on: the impact of environmental regulations on their bottom line, lead free and exempt product rework and repair, iNEMI technical updates, high speed and embedded design and fabrication, and alloy/interconnect reliability in a lead free world.

"The technical accomplishments these papers describe are amazing," said Dr. Greg Munie, IPC technical conference director. "But more importantly, the opportunities they reveal are tremendous - the technical payoff they represent is many times the price of admission."

As a prelude to the technical sessions, IPC is honored to have Huang Jianzhong of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Information Industry (MII), and Patrice Rolett, general manager, Avantec (France). These guest speakers will address China's environmental directive, Administrative Measure for the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products (also know as "China RoHS") and the European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation.

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APEX 2008 Featured Exhibitors

Accu-Assembly - Booth # 224

Worldwide provider of automation, assurance, quality, and material handling solutions to electronics manufacturing customers.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: New T40-1200-6N Baking Dry Cabinet


This cabinet, designed for the storage of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs), combines the features of our Ultra Dry storage cabinets and low temperature baking ovens. These cabinets meet and exceed the requirements of the IPC and Jedec standard J-Std-033B while baking parts at 40 degrees C. Design includes plug and play controls, data collection and incredible flexibility.  »»»

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Agilent Technologies - Booth # 1735

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: PCB Test and Inspection Systems


Agilent's suite of Medalist Test and Inspection solutions provide breakthrough technologies for solder paste inspection, automated optical inspection, automated X-ray inspection and in-circuit test, plus system software, common repair environments, process tools for measurement, quality control tools and more. All backed by Agilent's hallmark services, support and consulting.  »»»

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Aqueous Technologies - Booth # 2431

Manufacturer of a variety of award - winning cleaning and cleaning related products. Our cleaners are capable of removing all flux/paste types including Rosin, Water Soluble & removes no-clean solder paste.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Trident Automatic Defluxing System


The fastest and most flexible batch-format defluxing system available. Trident�s specific throughput rate is determined by equipment model and user�s board size. Trident is available in four throughput configurations, the highest is capable of defluxing and cleanliness testing up to 896 4 x 6" (101 x 152 mm) boards and up to 112 18 x 20" (457 x 508 mm) boards per hour.  »»»

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Asahi Technologies America - Booth # 971

Pb-free technology leader providing manufacturing solutions for lead-free electronics. Supplier of high reliability Drop-in Replacement for SnPb solder (VirometT, ability to maintain existing process temperature).  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Viromet� 347 Solder Paste


Fruit of Asahi's relentless R&D efforts to create state-of-the-art high quality high-performance Lead-free solder paste. Viromet� 347 is tested according to international industry classification for the highest reliability and performance. No process change needed, excellent wetting, minimal or no voids, compatible with: Sn, AuNi, Ag, OSP, etc.  »»»

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ASC International - Booth # 2246

ASC helps manufacturers improve the quality of the PCB manufacturing process by providing high precision optically based measurement equipment for post-print inspection.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: VisionMaster M450 & AP450 Series Solder Paste Inspection Systems


A sophisticated 3 - dimensional solder paste inspection system offers the latest technology advancements. Improved sensor data acquisition rates along with a multitude of value packed feature enhancements make the VisionMaster series the platform of choice.  »»»

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Cobar Solder Products - Booth # 165

The Cobar Group, part of Balver Zinn Group is a recognized global supplier of solder paste, fluxes and related soldering materials for electronics assembly. The company is accredited to the prestigious ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management Standard.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: SN100C-XF3 Solder paste


Cobar XF3 Solder Paste Completes SN100C Solder Materials System; Superior Reflow, Printing Performance over SAC Alloys. XF3 is developed to accommodate extended reflow profiles without use of nitrogen. XF3 completes the family of Cobar products based on Nihon Superior�s patented SN100C-alloy.  »»»

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Contact Systems - Booth # 675

Leading producer of component storage and placement machines for both surface mount (SMT) and through hole assembly.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Advanced C5 Series SMT Placer


Available in 10 different models to match any full component range SMT placement requirements. The C5 is the only machine that can implement a number of different tray handling options and large board capability without sacrificing feeder capacity making it the only true single machine solution.  »»»

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Europlacer North America - Booth # 1624

Europlacer manufactures a comprehensive range of highly flexible SMT placement systems for the global electronics industry.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: iineo-II SMT platform


Highly flexible, dual-gantry SMT assembler. The system can accommodate up to 264 x 8 mm tape positions and, in addition, an internal waffle tray zone allows for up to 10 JEDEC trays on the single head version and 3 JEDEC trays on the dual heads version. iineo can also be equipped with one or two 30-channel waffle tray sequencers.  »»»

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GPD Global - Booth # 700

International, state-of-the- art equipment supplier for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. Manufacturer of automated fluid dispensing & component-prep systems.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Precision Fluid Dispensing Systems


GPD Global will be exhibiting two systems from the Max Series line, the MicroCell and the MicroMaxII. The MicroCell will be demonstrating precision Solder Paste Dispensing while the MicroMaxII will be dispensing Underfill. Additionally our tabletop TMax platform will be present doing a gasketing application. Live demonstrations throughout the show.  »»»

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Heller Industries - Booth # 2317

Manufacturer of Reflow Soldering Ovens for Automated SMT PCB Assembly. Specializing in lead free processing and nitrogen reflow. Serving PCB, semiconductor and wafer processing applications.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: The Mark III Reflow System`


System for most demanding reflow applications. Featuring enhanced control of the liquidous time, profile sculpting and ultra fast cooling rates of up to 3 - 5°C/second, the Mark III is ideal for reflow optimization and the formation of lead-free solder joints with perfect grain structure. With superior thermal control and easy to use integrated Cpk software, the Mark III represents the most advanced reflow soldering system available today.  »»»

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Innov-X Systems - Booth # 2113

Vital force in the X-Ray Fluorescence industry. Our systems perform fast, accurate analysis identify, differentiate and quantify most materials by elemental composition. We pioneered handheld XRF instrumentation using a miniature x-ray tube  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Handheld XRF Analyzers


Cut Your Lab Costs Down to Size. Let the Innov-X Handheld XRF Analyzers drive your RoHS Compliance. Detect PPM levels of Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr and Br in seconds. Automatically classify mixed or homogenous - alloy or polymer. Screen non - destructively without disassembly. RoHS Handheld XRF screening can pay for itself.  »»»

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Kyzen Corporation - Booth # 2219

Manufacturer of award winning cleaning products, chemistries and services for electronics and advanced packaging applications from sprayable aqueous cleaning formulations to engineered vapor degreasing solvents.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: AQUANOX A4625B


AQUANOX A4625B is used at low concentrations for optimum cleaning efficiency without damaging delicate substrates. A biodegradable, non - flammable, non - corrosive liquid, A4625B has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in cleaning processes and electronics assembly manufacturing.  »»»

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Lambda Americas - Booth # 2074

Leading producer of high power programmable AC to DC power supplies. Lambda Americas products provide power to many of today's semiconductor, automotive and component burn-in systems.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Genesys� Programmable Power Supplies


Lambda Americas Genesys� Series now has Optional Ethernet interface, certified to LXI-C. The series is the widest range AC/DC programmable power solution sharing completely identical interfaces. Platforms include 750W, 1500W, 3300W and 10/15kW Output. The LAN interface provides flexible system integration and functionality for designers.  »»»

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Mentor Graphics - Booth # 1886

EDA - Electronic Design Automation technology leader providing software and hardware design solutions that enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: CAMCAD Manufacturing Flow


Mentor Graphics offers the CAMCAD manufacturing flow that enables the generation of correct, complete, and intelligent product descriptions for use in PCB manufacturing. This flow spans the product lifecycle, enables collaborative communication, streamlines process development, and supports manufacturing initiatives, all of which improve our customers' profitability.  »»»

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Microscan Systems - Booth # 1965

Microscan offers a wide range of bar code scanners, imagers and verifiers to read any code in any application.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Quadrus MINI Velocity


Quadrus� MINI Velocity autofocus imager consistently reads linear bar codes and 2D symbols moving as fast as 100 inches per second, for easy implementation of automatic data tracking on high speed production lines. Includes advanced features like Easy Setup Program software, multi-symbol reading, match code, trend analysis, symbol quality reporting, and multiple I/O programming.  »»»

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MIRTEC CORP. - Booth # 1857

Manufacturer of desktop, in-line (AOI) automatic optical inspection, and real-time x-ray inspection equipment.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: MV-3L Desktop AOI System


Fully configured, the MV-3L provides one top-down camera and four side-view cameras. The system's patented "Quad Angle Lighting System" provides four independently programmable zones for optimal illumination of inspection areas. Two MV-3L systems will be on display during APEX: one will feature a 3-D beam laser system and the other will have an NG marking system.  »»»

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Mossman Tebbs - Booth # 1908

Mossman Tebbs designs and manufactures a high quality range of reel racks, feeder mobiles and board handling solutions, capable of meeting the exacting demands of electronics manufacture.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: PCB Tray Handlers


Safe handling of boards that cannot be held conventionally - i.e. populated to the edge, odd shaped, or flexible. Static safe handling trays with dissipative foam matting - 30 trays at a 45mm pitch for excellent space utilisation. Tray retaining mechanism for transportation safety.  »»»

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Oak-Mitsui - Booth # 1224

Oak-Mitsui specializes in the development and production of world class performance Aluminum Bonded Copper, Foils, and FaradFlex� Buried Capacitance� materials.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: FaradFlex� - a Novel Thin Substrate


Oak-Mitsui Technologies provides the premiere Embedded Capacitor material with the highest available capacitance density (1.7 nF/cm2). FaradFlex� can be used to form discrete capacitors inside your PCB, module or IC package. A new low loss version for RF modules will be introduced at IPC APEX/EXPO.  »»»

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Pentagon EMS - Booth # 1725

Supplier of fixturing and tooling supporting the PCB assembly industry. Wave Solder Pallets, SMT, Press Fit, Conformal Coat tooling and more. Industry-leading turn times, no-fault guarantee.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Pentagon EMS Metal Shop


"All the Other Parts for your PCB Assembly" are now available from Pentagon EMS Corporation. Manufactured from your specifications or Pentagon�s design, prototypes to high volume production, this new service expands and compliments Pentagon�s complete line of PCB Assembly Process Tooling. Industry-leading turn times, no-fault guarantee.  »»»

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phoenix | x-ray Systems + Services - Booth # 2646

Leading manufacturer of high-resolution 2D X-ray inspection systems and 3D computed tomography systems.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: x | act - Automated 3D x-ray Inspection


Exclusive preview: phoenix|x-ray to introduce breakthrough software platform for CAD-based, fully automated inspection of solder joints (mAXI) at APEX. The platform, named x|act, offers an array of innovative features such as easy import of CAD-data, pad-based off-line programming, optimized strategies for different pad types and 3D live overlay of CAD-data.  »»»

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Precision Placement Machines - Booth # 1939

Full service supplier of used and reconditioned SMT, through hole and PCB equipment for the electronics industry.   »»»

APEX Featured Product: ThinPRO Electronic Tape Feeder


New Technology Improves Quad System tape feeder accuracy and performance for placing small components. The ThinPRO was designed to run 0402�s & 0201 and 01/0005�s components. It will fit every Quad model Pick & Place and was designed to meet the demands of the smaller components being used on today�s PCB�s.  »»»

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Production Solutions - Booth # 1882

Manufacturer of substrate support tooling systems for the electronics industry. The focus of our projects has been on improving the methods of assembly of PCB  »»»

APEX Featured Product: RED-E-SET Universal Board Support System


How much time and money are you spending on correcting defects? It slows down your process. Red-E-Set Universal board supports have been proven to reduce defects Quality - Improved. Component Damage - Eliminated. Changeover Time - Reduced. Revenue - Increased. See it for yourself. Ask about our 30 day free trial.  »»»

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Scienscope International - Booth # 1462

Leading manufacturer of NDT test and inspection equipment such as X-Ray machines, stereo zoom microscopes, XRF spectrometers, video inspection systems, and video measurement systems.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Scienscope View-X X-Ray System


The cost efficient Scienscope View X is a full-featured x-ray inspection system with an improved high-resolution 90 kV x-ray source and new Capture X image processing software. APEX attendees can bring samples to the Scienscope booth #1462 and receive a free product evaluation and sample images on CD-ROM.  »»»

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Smart Sonic - Booth # 1664

Leader in ultrasonic stencil and pallet cleaning technology. The Smart Sonic Stencil-Cleaning Process is guaranteed to clean any type of solder paste from any fine-pitch stencil!   »»»

APEX Featured Product: EnviroGuard� 100% Closed-loop Stencil Cleaner


First and only stencil cleaner able to clean all types of solder paste with a 100% closed-loop process � wash and rinse! EnviroGuard� recycles waste solder paste, eliminates evaporators. Liquid hazardous waste never exits the system! Low maintenance, rechargeable filters, retrofit able, economical, convenient, no VOCs. The filtration system is "zero discharge" but at a fraction of the cost.  »»»

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World Equipment Source - Booth # 2506

Best Source for Electronic Assembly Equipment. Specializing in Test, SMT & Production Equipment, Lead Free Applications, Excess Components, Asset Management and Liquidation Services.  »»»

APEX Featured Product: Complete SMT Facility Up For Bid


Complete SMT facility up for bid! World Equipment Source is conducting a negotiated sale and bidding-process on behalf of Reliant Manufacturing. The equipment up for bid comes from a facility located in Orange Country, California. 3 complete SMT lines available! Manufacturers include Siemens, Juki, Heller, Vitronics, Nutek, and more!  »»»

Request a Meeting is the gateway to electronics manufacturing. We aim to provide the most efficient and effective two-way exchange between providers and users of products/ services/ information about electronics manufacturing.  »»»

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Global SMT & Packaging Magazine - Booth # 2016

Global SMT & Packaging contains authoritative technical articles on practical issues affecting SMT assembly and packaging. Visit our stand and collect your free copy. Distributed globally, it has a separate print and electronic circulation to the US, Europe, China and Korea, enabling companies to target their advertising regionally or globally. Global SMT & Packaging also produces a weekly video news program.  »»»
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Special Events - Keynote Sessions

Rodney Brooks on Artificial Intelligence

Rodney Brooks, Ph.D., Director of M.I.T.�s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Tuesday, April 1, 8:30 am � 9:30 am

Fun is never far away when Rodney Brooks explains his passion for invention and discovery. A technology visionary, ground-breaking scientist, creative entrepreneur, and according to Time Magazine, �a voluble Australian � famous for finding radical, counterintuitive approaches to intractable problems,� Brooks is arguably the world�s most important figure in robotics. If there is a leading edge in the world of technology, his spectacular career has certainly been spent exploring it.

2008: Global Business Outlook and IPC �Survey Says�

Walt Custer, President, Custer Consulting Group, and Sharon Starr, Director of Market Research, IPC

Wednesday, April 2, 8:30 am � 9:45 am

What lies ahead for the domestic and global electronics industry food chain? Industry analyst Walt Custer will cover electronics equipment and component market sizes and scopes with forecasts by sector. Both world and regional data are included. Topics include the global economy, seasonality and cyclicality, electronic equipment production by geography and equipment type, semiconductors, printed circuits and other passive components, EMS & ODM markets, electronic materials and process equipment. »»»

Technical Conference, April 1�3, 2008

This technical conference is known worldwide as one of the finest and most selective in the world. Take advantage of new research and innovations from key industry players in the areas of board design and manufacture, and electronics assembly. »»»

Free Forums and Poster Sessions

Free Forums give you even more reasons to attend! Join industry experts and peers as they discuss cutting-edge challenges and solutions in these interactive sessions. Get the latest on vexing industry issues at these FREE sessions. »»»

Attendees will get valuable and timely insight on these regulations and their impact on the future of global electronics manufacturing and assembly.

Beginning on March 29, the movers and shakers of the industry will participate in more than 80 IPC standards development committee meetings. These meetings enable valuable discourse on industry standards influencing all aspects of the manufacture of printed boards and electronics assembly and ultimately result in the creation of industry standards impacting companies, customers and suppliers worldwide.

Professional development courses and Free Forums provide opportunities to hear industry experts and peers discuss cutting-edge solutions in interactive sessions. The professional program offers more than 60 full-day and half-day courses covering a broad range of critical topics including lead free, environmental regulations, advanced technology, embedded components, design, quality, reliability and testing, and more.

The Free Forums will focus on the latest pressing industry issues including safety, lead free reliability, materials, counterfeit components and test and inspection.

Denny McGuirk, President of IPC, Association Connecting Electronics Industries (Bannockburn, Illinois).

New Products

In the exhibition hall, the world's top suppliers of printed boards and electronics manufacturing and test technology will be showcasing the latest equipment, chemicals, materials, software and services. Attendees will be able to take advantage of hands-on demonstrations and face-to-face interactions with suppliers to guide future purchasing decisions and find solutions to current challenges in new products and services. »»»


Apex 2008 Schedule of Events

Exhibits Open

Tuesday, April 1, 10:00 am � 6:00 pm

Wednesday, April 2, 10:00 am � 6:00 pm

Thursday, April 3, 10:00 am � 2:00 pm

Saturday, March 29

4:00 pm � 6:30 pm, IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

Sunday, March 30

7:00 am � 5:00 pm, IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

8:30 am � 4:30 pm, Full-day Professional Development Courses

9:00 am � 12:00 pm, Half-day Professional Development Courses

10:00 am � 8:00 pm, IPC CCA Golf Tournament Registration and Tee Off followed by Reception

2:00 pm � 5:00 pm, Half-day Professional Development Courses

3:00 pm � 4:30 pm, Committee Chairman�s Council Meeting

6:00 pm � 7:00 pm, Committee Chairman�s Reception

Monday, March 31

7:00 am � 5:00 pm, IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

7:30 am � 9:00 pm, IPC PCB Executive Management Meeting & Dinner

7:30 am � 9:00 pm, IPC EMS Management Council Meeting & Dinner

7:30 am � 8:00 pm, IPC Designer Day & Reception

8:30 am � 4:30 pm, Full-day Professional Development Courses

9:00 am � 12:00 pm, Half-day Professional Development Courses

12:00 pm � 1:30 pm, IPC Event (Awards) Luncheon

2:00 pm � 5:00 pm, Half-day Professional Development Courses

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm, Circuits Assembly�s Service Excellence Awards

5:30 pm � 6:30 pm, International Reception

Tuesday, April 1

7:30 am � 8:30 am, IPC First-Timers Welcome Breakfast

8:30 am � 9:30 am, Free Keynote

9:45 am � 10:00 am, Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

9:45 am � 5:00 pm, IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

10:00 am � 6:00 pm, Exhibits Open

10:30 am - 12:00 pm, Global Environmental Regulations � The Next Generation from Europe to China and Back

12:00 pm � 1:30 pm, Event Luncheon & IPC Annual Meeting

1:30 pm � 4:45 pm, Technical Conference Sessions

1:30 pm � 4:45 pm, Free Forums

5:00 pm � 6:00 pm, Free Happy Hour Welcome Reception

6:00 pm � 9:30 pm, Best in Test Awards

Wednesday, April 2

7:30 am - 8:30 am, Women in Electronics Meeting

8:00 am � 5:00 pm, IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

8:30 am � 9:45 am, Free Keynote

8:30 am � 3:30 pm, Free Forums

9:00 am � 11:45 am, Technical Conference Sessions

10:00 am � 6:00 pm, Exhibits Open

12:00 pm � 1:30 pm, IPC Event (Awards) Luncheon

1:30 pm � 3:30 pm, Technical Conference Sessions

3:30 pm � 4:30 pm, Technical Poster Presentations

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, SMT Vision Awards

Thursday, April 3

8:30 am � 11:45 pm, Free Forums

9:00 am � 11:45 am, Technical Conference Sessions

9:00 am � 12:00 pm, Half-day Professional Development Courses

10:00 am � 2:00 pm, Exhibits Open


Thursday, March 27

8:30 am � 5:00 pm, PCB Designers Certification

8:30 am � 5:00 pm, PCB Advanced Designers Certification

Friday, March 28

8:30 am � 5:00 pm, PCB Designers Certification

8:30 am � 5:00 pm, PCB Advanced Designers Certification

Saturday, March 29

4:00 pm � 6:30 pm, IPC Standards Development Committee Meetings

8:30 am � 3:00 pm, PCB Designers Certification Exam

8:30 am � 3:00 pm, PCB Advanced Designers Certification Exam

Monday, March 31

8:00 am � 5:00 pm, Intro to EMS Program Manager Training Certification

Tuesday, April 1

8:00 am � 1:00 pm, Intro to EMS Program Manager Training Certification

Friday, April 4

8:00 am � 5:00 pm, EMS Program Manager Training Certification II

Saturday, April 5

8:00 am � 5:00 pm, EMS Program Manager Training Certification II


Monday, March 31

Designers Day is a full-day program, including lunch and the Designers Day reception. In addition, you�ll have free entrance to the show floor, Tuesday evening �Happy Hour� reception, standards development meetings, keynote sessions, free forums and poster sessions. Add one full- or two half-day courses and save up to $145 with the Designers Day Package. Sign up for a certification workshop and exam and get the credential that will boost your career.

Visit Designers Day »»»

7:30 am � 8:00 am, Preregistration

8:00 am � 8:45 am, The Future of the Design Industry, Nilesh Naik, One Source Group

9:45 am � 10:00 am, Design for Manufacture (DfM) Overview, Dieter Bergman, IPC

10:00 am � 10:45 am, Design for Speed: A Designers Survival Guide to Signal Integrity, Eric Bogatin, Bogatin Enterprises, LLC

10:45 am � 12:00 pm, Evolving Base Materials for Lead-Free PCB Design, Gary Ferrari, FTG Circuits

12:00 pm � 1:30 pm, Lunch

1:30 pm � 2:45 pm, High Speed Design � Problems and Solutions, Rick Hartley, L-3 Avionics Systems Inc.

2:45 pm � 4:15 pm, Embedded Passives � Applications in PCBs, Richard Snogren, Bristlecone, LLC

4:15 pm - 4:30 pm, Break

4:30 pm � 6:00 pm, HDI Technology � Risks and Rewards Happy Holden, Mentor Graphics Corporation

6:00 pm, Adjourn

6:00 pm � 8:00 pm, Designer Day Networking Reception

Senju Comtek # 659

Global leader in solder materials and related equipment.

Siemens - Booth # 2359

Siemens SIPLACE X4i offers speed and flexibility for a wide variety of applications and line concepts.

Sono-Tek - Booth # 263

Sono-Tek Corporation will introduce EZ-Flux ultrasonic reciprocating spray fluxing system, an economical ultrasonic spray fluxing system designed on a reciprocating platform.

Specialty Coating Systems # 1869

Specialty Coating Systems is pleased to introduce its new SCS Precisioncoat spray coating and dispense system and its new fully articulated RTV system.

Speedline Technologies # 2445

Global leader in process knowledge and expertise for the PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging industries.

Vitronics Soltec - Booth # 1825

Customers of Vitronics Soltec�s successful XPM2 reflow system can now get all of the performance and reliability that the system is known for, plus some enhanced features, in the XPM2+.

VJ Electronix - Booth # 648

VJ Electronix will introduce its new platform designed to perform a variety of specific tasks for rework and production.

Zurvahn LLC - Booth # 2282

As a contract manufacturer, Zurvahn will display printed circuit boards to highlight its design capabilities.

X-Line Assets - Booth # 1975

X-Line Asset Management a leading provider of disposition and auction services will exhibit at APEX, booth 1975

YesTech # 559

X3 Automated X-Ray system will be displayed by YesTech

ZESTRON America # 2339

Precision cleaning products and services for all required applications in the electronics manufacturing industry.


Other Technology Previews

ACE Production Technologies - Booth # 335

ACE Production Technologies, Inc. announces the introduction of The KISS-104F in-line fluxer, an intelligent fluxing system that enables the fluxing of only the specific components to be selectively soldered.

Akrometrix, LLC - Booth # 2117

Akrometrix provides warpage measurement equipment and analysis software using shadow moir� technique to provide high-sensitivity characterization of substrate technology.

Amtech Solder Products - Booth # 1824

AMTECH�s new NC-560-LF lead-free, no-clean solder paste will be displayed at APEX 2008

APS NOVASTAR - Booth # 257

The new vision centering system offered on the L-Series Pick and Place uses the full features of Cognex� Machine Vision.

Ascentech - Booth # 241

Ascentech LLC, North American distributor for the GEN3 Systems Ltd. products, will introduce new solderability test equipment.

Assembleon America - Booth # 2512

Assembl�on's broad product range includes pick-and-place machinery and manufacturing support software for medium to high volume manufacturing.

Asymtek - Booth # 511

Asymtek will exhibit Coat� SL-940E Series conformal coating system at APEX, booth 511.

BEST, Inc. - Booth # 124

BEST, Inc. will display EZReball(TM) is a newly developed adhesive-backed reballing preform

BPM Microsystems - Booth # 2245

BPM Microsystems will display its latest Flashstream automated programming technology, the 3000FS.

BTU International - Booth # 640

BTU's Pyramax product platform includes Pyramax 100, 125 and 150x5 models.

CeTaQ Americas - Booth # 1828

CeTaQ Americas will highlight the CmController5 Compact (CmC5 Compact) measurement and analysis tool.

CyberOptics - Booth # 611

CyberOptics Corporation will showcase its Flex Ultra High-Resolution automated optical inspection (AOI) system.

Cookson Electronics - Booth # 443

Cookson Electronics lead-free technologies include ALPHA� OM-Series solder pastes, SACX� wave solder alloy, EF-Series fluxes will exhibit at APEX, booth 443.

Dage - Booth # 1632

XD7500NT digital x-ray inspection system will be displayed by Dage at APEX 2008

DEK International - Booth # 1659

Visit the booth # 1659 to find out how DEK�s knowledge and complete portfolio of screen printing products provide productivity tools to improve your bottom line.

Datapaq - Booth # 1438

The Datapaq Surveyor will be showcased at the 2008 IPC/APEX tradeshow in booth #1438.

Electrolube - Booth # 870

Electrolube will exhibit new coating products at APEX, booth 870.

Endicott Interconnect Technologies - Booth # 1911

Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc. is a world-class supplier of high-I/O, high-performance organic chip packages for wire bond and flip chip applications.

Essemtec - Booth # 501

Essemtec, manufacturer of surface mount technology production equipment, will premiere the PANTERA-XV SMD placement system.

Everett Charles Technologies - Booth # 1383

ECT Capital Equipment and Services Group and atg will feature the atg� A5S-CF Flying Prober for fine pitch/thin product testing.

EVS International - Booth # 263

EVS International will introduce the EVS 7000 and EVS 9000 solder recovery systems in distributor Sono-Tek�s booth 263.

FCT Assembly - Booth # 243

FCT Assembly and Fineline Stencil manufactures electronic assembly materials and process chemistry for the PWB industry.


FINE LINE STENCIL, a division of FCT Assembly and manufacturer of stencil products, invites visitors to stop by booth 243 to learn about its recent positive changes in technology.

Finetech - Booth # 577

FINETECH will display the Fineplacer� CRS 10 compact rework system.

Glenbrook Technologies - Booth # 362

Glenbrook will be demonstrating our line of systems for inspection of multilayer pc boards and assembled boards including BGA's

Henkel - Booth # 634

To address the emerging requirements of today�s heat generating devices, Henkel has launched its latest thermal product, PowerstrateXtreme� Dispensable (PSX-D).

Heraeus - Booth # 457

Heraeus will show its full line of Assembly Materials - Solder pastes, Fluxes, SMT Adhesives, Conductive Adhesives and Bonding wire for your specific application.

High Tech Conversions - Booth # 2085

High-Tech Conversions Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality wiping products and a supplier of consumable items used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing, will showcase its new THE AQUAVATORTM stencil wiping fabric.

IBE SMT Equipment - Booth # 2472

IBE SMT Equipment will exhibit at APEX, booth 2472

Indium Corporation - Booth # 747

Indium8.9 Pb-free solder paste is an air reflow no-clean solder paste that prints perfectly every time.

Inovaxe - Booth # 2270

Inovaxe Corp. will exhibit INOCART-MSD, a true solution for managing moisture sensitive devices (MSD).

Juki Corporation - Booth # 2025

Juki Corporation will introduce its 350 selective soldering system to the electronics industry.

Kester - Booth # 1660

Kester will be featuring numerous products from its Lead-Free Solutions� (products and services) portfolio to help companies in the transition to lead-free.

KIC - Booth # 1977

KIC will highlight the Auto-Focus Power option for reflow ovens and wave solder machines.

Lewis & Clark - Booth # 2271

Lewis and Clark, a value-added reseller of previously owned equipment, will exhibit at APEX, booth 2271.

LPKF Laser and & Electroincs # 1071

The new StencilLaser G 6080 will be displayed by LPKF Laser and & Electroincs

MYDATA automation - Booth # 211

MYDATA automation will exhibit MY500 the SMT industry�s first jet printer at APEX, booth 211.

Nihon Superior USA - Booth # 249

Nihon Superior�s unique SnCuNiGe solder, SN100C�, that has established itself as the best alloy for lead-free wave soldering, will now be available as a high-performance solder paste with a general purpose �P500� flux medium

Optimal Electronics - Booth # 2147

Provider of innovative software solutions for the control and optimization of the electronics assembly process, will display its industry-leading OptelTM MES software suite, including its award-winning Dynamic Production Scheduling.

Ovation Products - Booth # 2471

Ovation Products will introduce its new �Stinger� fluid dispense system.

P.Kay Metal # 349

MS2� Molten Solder Surfactant will be displayed by P.Kay Metal

Panasonic Factory Solutions # 2225

Panasonic Capacity Analysis System will be displayed at boothe # 2225

Pillarhouse USA # 1425

Pillarhouse will be introducing the Gem, a revolutionary low cost selective soldering, wave soldering and through-hole rework system with 7 patents pending

Practical Components - Booth # 2719

Practical Components, international distributor of mechanical IC samples or �dummy� components and SMD production tools and equipment, will showcase its latest technology.

PROMATION - Booth # 2271

PROMATION will introduce its latest PCB handling solutions in booth 2271 at this year�s IPC/APEX trade show, Las Vegas, NV.

R&D Technical Services - Booth # 2203

Vapor Works, a division of R&D Technical Services Inc., will introduce V-Works vapor phase rework station.

RMD Instruments - Booth # 1563

RMD Instruments LLC will premier new solder analysis and identification features of its innovative LeadTracer-RoHS XRF system.

Samsung Techwin # 859

Samsung will display the SM400 Series SMART platform that provides a Simple operating environment with a Modular design to provide high Availability with Reliable production and optimized Throughput..

SEHO North America # 1677

SEHO is a world class supplier of Wave, Selective and Reflow soldering systems, with extensive experience in Nitrogen and Lead-Free soldering processes

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