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High Reliability Lead-free Solder SN100C(Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge)

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High Reliability Lead-free Solder SN100C(Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge)

While the situation varies from country to country, nearly one year after the EU RoHS Directive came into force implementation of lead-free solder is progressing steadily. For lead-free soldering to be considered successful it is not sufficient just to have dealt with the challenges of mass production. It is also necessary to establish that the soldered joints produced are at least as reliable as those made with Sn-37Pb alloy. In this context "reliability" means the length of time in service that the initial functionality of the joint can be maintained.

In this paper we will discuss some of the issues involved in solder joint reliability through a comparison of the properties of two alloys that are widely used for lead-free wave soldering, SAC305 (Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu) and the Sn, Cu, Ni, Ge alloy SN100C.

Credit/Source: Satoshi Mizuta,  Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

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Lead Free SOT23 Installation
(3 min. 11 sec.)


Best, Inc instructors have put to video demonstrations of common hand soldering skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while.

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Solder Paste

Posted by SWAG

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Need a non-static generating adhesive transfer material

Posted by Steve Thomas

I need to seal a wire terminal block to a board for conformal coating purposes. Currently we glue it to a shim and glue the shim to the board... »»

RoHS round 2

Posted by Patrick Bruneel

RoHS 2 Moves Forward (Run For Your Lives!). The �ko-Institut in Norway, tasked by the European Union to expand the materials covered by RoHS... »»

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IPC Printed Circuits Expo, APEX and the Designers Summit

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Tue, April 1, 2008 | Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Get the Bare Facts on Bare Boards (inspection and fabrication)

Seminar/Course | EPTAC

Wed, April 16, 2008 | Online

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12th Annual Atlanta SMTA Expo

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Thu, April 17, 2008 | Duluth, GA, USA

This outstanding event will feature networking opportunities with leading suppliers to our industry, free technical sessions, raffle drawings and a complimentary lunch... »»

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Manufacturing Engineer


Altoona, PE, USA

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Process Engineer - SMT

Senior Systems Technology

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