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Technical Library

Micro-Sectioning of PCBs for Failure Analysis

Micro-sectioning (sometimes referred to as cross-sectioning)is a technique, used to characterize materials or to perform a failure mode analysis, for exposing an internal section of a PCB or package. Destructive in nature, cross-sectioning requires encapsulation of the specimen in order to provide support, stability, and protection. Failures that ...

Credits: BEST Inc.

Determination of Copper Foil Surface Roughness from Micro-section Photographs

Specification and control of surface roughness of copper conductors within printed circuit boards (PCBs) are increasingly desirable in multi-GHz designs as a part of signal-integrity failure analysis on high-speed PCBs. The development of a quality-assurance method to verify the use of foils with specified roughness grade during the PCB manufacturing process is ...

Credits: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Predicting the Lifetime of the PCB - From Experiment to Simulation

Two major drivers in electronic industry are electrical and mechanical miniaturization. Both induce major changes in the material selection as well as in the design. Nevertheless, the mechanical and thermal reliability of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has to remain at the same high level or even increase (e.g. multiple lead-free soldering). To achieve these ...

Credits: AT&S

Microscopy in Failure Analysis

Both optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) are powerful tools for failure analysis in electronics and are used for low and high magnification examination. This article will provide detailed, step by step information for examining solder joints.

Credits: ACI Technologies, Inc.

Alternative Methods For Cross-Sectioning Of SMT And PCB Related Architectures

The electronics industry has been using the epoxy puck for the processing of the vast majority of electronics microsections since the 1970s. Minimal advancements have been seen in the methods used for precision micro-sections of PCBs, PCBAs, and device packages. This paper will discuss different techniques and approaches in performing precision and ...

Credits: Foresite Inc.

Applying Microscopic Analytic Techniques For Failure Analysis In Electronic Assemblies

The present paper gives an overview of surface failures, internal nonconformities and solders joint failures detected by microscopic analysis of electronic assemblies. Optical microscopy (stereomicroscopy) and Fourier-Transform- Infrared (FTIR) microscopy is used for documentation and failure localization on electronic ...


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Electronics Forum

What is the naming conventions for SMT Packages? -- Pretty new SMT process engineer here. Context: we are using a MyData100 and using MYcenter software with it. Most package naming conventions only define outer area/foot print dimensions. However, I do not know of any convention for further package definition. Currently our design engineers (we are a high mix, low volume OEM) define alternate parts if its the "same package" but that only fits for foot print, not height of the component which is a MASSIVE difference when it comes to pick-n-place programming? Am I missing something here? How do you differentiate different packages, including package height, as seperate items?

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Can I replace PT2399 delay by BU9253? -- Hi all, I bought a PT2399 delay after reading a detailed introduction article about this device, here's the link: It says that BU9253 is the alternative of PT2399. But it didn't give me their comparison about specifications. I'm not the expert at delay processors...

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

KYZEN's Debbie Carboni Receives Esteemed Member of Distinction Award from SMTA

KYZEN announces that Debbie Carboni, Global Product Line Manager, Electronics, has been chosen to receive the Excellence in Leadership Award from the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA).... | KYZEN Corporation

Debbie Carboni, Kyzen Global Product Line Manager, Electronics, has been chosen to receive the Excellence in Leadership Award from the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

SMTA "Members of Distinction" Awards Announced

The SMTA is proud to honor the 2021 "Members of Distinction" award recipients who have shown exceptional dedication to the association and the electronics manufacturing industry.... | SMTA

Members of Distinction

STI Electronics, Inc.'s David Raby Receives Prestigious Member of Distinction Award from SMTA

STI Electronics, Inc. announced that President/CEO David Raby received the Founder's Award from the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA).... | STI Electronics

David Raby STI Electronics, Inc. {resident/CEO received the Founder's Award from the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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