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Technical Library

Solutions for Selective Soldering of High Thermal Mass and Fine-Pitch Components

The selective soldering process has evolved to become a standard production process within the electronics assembly industry, and now accommodates a wide variety of through-hole component formats in numerous applications. Most through-hole components can be easily soldered with the selective soldering process without difficulty, however ...

Credits: Nordson SELECT

Reliable Selective Soldering For High Volume Assemblies

The number of through hole connections on a circuit assembly are decreasing with the drive toward miniaturization. When these assemblies are manufactured in high volumes the most convenient method is selective soldering. Although selective soldering is very well introduced in automotive and industrial applications it can also be a very efficient method to solder high volume consumer products.

Credits: ITW EAE

Design Rules For Selective Soldering Assemblies

This document describes general guidelines and attention points for PCB design regarding selective soldering. The guidelines can be applied for Select Wave and/or Multi Wave soldering process in both leaded and leadfree alloy. When a PCB is designed according to these guidelines, a stable and solid solder-process can be guaranteed.

Credits: Vitronics Soltec

Selective soldering in an optimized nitrogen atmosphere

In PCB circuit assemblies the trend is moving to more SMD components with finer pitch connections. The majority of the assemblies still have a small amount of through hole (THT) components. Some of them can't withstand high reflow temperatures, while others are there because of their mechanical robustness. ... Additional soldering on a small select nozzle can make ...

Credits: Vitronics Soltec

Forum search results for related keywords: selective soldering: 1404

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Electronics Forum

AOI Inspection of Occluded Components -- I'm super new to the SMT world. We just got a Koh Young Zenith AOI and I'm running into some issues with occluded parts. We've got a shield that covers some of the components on a few of our PCBAs, and there is supposed to be a way to have the inspection bypass occluded parts, but I can't figure it out. Anybody out there know how to run the Zenith software that can point me in the right direction?

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Selecte a Shunt Resistor -- I'm attempting to perform power analysis on my target, which operates at 3.3 volts. The average current while running is around 140mA without the resistor. With a 5V power source, I utilized a 10Ohm resistor as a shunt resistor. The shunt resistor was connected between 5V and the target VCC pin, and the voltage difference between VCC PIN and GND was measured. (The decoupling caps have been taken out.) The oscilloscope, on the other hand, did not provide a suitable power consumption line. Is something wrong with my setup? Is there any advice on selecting a shunt resistor?

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

Nordson TEST & INSPECTION enhance their offering with the launch of new products for industrial and pre-clinical X-ray imaging systems

Nordson TEST & INSPECTION division, part of the Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN), are pleased to announce the launch of our X–ray Technologies OEM product range for industrial & pre-clinical X-ray imaging systems. This new product line is the result of ... | Nordson ASYMTEK

Nordson TEST & INSPECTION launchs new X-ray imaging system productss

Component Shortages are Driving Production Delays and Higher Costs for Manufacturers, According to a New Global Industry Survey

IPC found the electronics industry sees no immediate end to shortage woes, 58% expect problem to linger until late 2022 or beyond... | IPC

IPC writes Component Shortages are Driving Production Delays and Higher Costs for Manufacturers

Bring Quality Control to a New Level – Insituware Presents a Technical Paper at the High Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference

Insituware LLC announced its plans to present a paper at the High Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference scheduled to take place Oct. 5–7, 2021 in Dallas, TX.... | Insituware LLC

Insituware Presents a Technical Paper

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FEATURING | Excess equipment from a large Southern California-based telecommunications company.

SCHEDULE | Sep 28 – Sep 30, 2021

XTECH Auctions ��� Aug 31 ��� Sep 2, 2021 Auction Announcement

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