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Technical Library

Cleaning Before Conformal Coating

Cleaning PCBs before conformal coating removes potentially harmful and unknown contaminants from the board's surface resulting in better adhesion of the conformal coating and thereby preventing delamination. Cleaning PCBs can ultimately prevent issues like leakage current, electrochemical migration and coating failures. From a production standpoint, it can help ...

Credits: ZESTRON

The Effects of Plasma Treatment Prior to Conformal Coating

The corrosion of Nickel-Palladium-Gold (Ni-Pd-Au) finish terminals in humid environments is known to be reduced with the application of a conformal coating such as acrylic. Corrosion has a higher rate of occurrence around the terminal 'knee' of a surface mount component, which may be reduced with the application of ...

Credits: Nordson MARCH

Cleaning No-Clean Fluxes Prior to Conformal Coating

A customer called the Helpline seeking advice for cleaning no-clean fluxes prior to applying a conformal coating. The customer's assemblies were manufactured with a no-clean rosin based solder paste (ROL0) and were cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wash. After cleaning, a white residue was sometimes found in areas with high paste ...

Credits: ACI Technologies, Inc.

Setting Up a Conformal Coating Facility

The set up of a turnkey conformal coating production line or facility, whether it is a batch or inline process, has many similar characteristics. Whether the coating application is based around a high volume selective coating robot, a batch dip coating system or a spray booth, the process requirements tend to be the same. This bulletin reviews ...

Credits: SCH Technologies

Conformal Coating over No Clean Flux Residues

As the proliferation of modern day electronics continues to drive miniaturization and functionality, electronic designers/assemblers face the issue of environmental exposure and uncommon applications never previously contemplated. This reality, coupled with the goal of reducing the environmental and health implications of the production and disposal of these devices ...

Credits: AIM Solder

Forum search results for related keywords: conformal coating: 1050

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Electronics Forum

Reflow Process for BGA pitch 6,5 -- Hi SMTnet. It is possible to reflow BGA's 0.65 pitch with a convection oven that only have heating zones on one side (topside) or is it a must to have heating zones on both sides in the oven (top and botton).

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DI Water Stencil Washer With No-Clean Paste? (non-water soluble) -- We use no-clean sac305 pastes that are not water soluble. Will a DI water based washer work for cleaning these stencils or is alcohol required?

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SMT, PCB Electronics Assembly Manufacturing News

MIRTEC to Exhibit Its Award-Winning MV-6Z OMNI 3D AOI System at SMTAI 2021 Minneapolis, MN

MIRTEC is pleased to announce their plans to exhibit at the SMTA International Exposition, scheduled to take place Nov. 3-4, 2021, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The MIRTEC team is looking forward to meeting with attendees at booth #3500 for a detailed demonstration of its MV-6Z OMNI 3D In-Line AOI system.... | MIRTEC Corporation

MIRTEC to demonstrate MV-6Z OMNI 3D AOI system at SMTAI

ZESTRON Academy to Host FREE "Designing for Reliability in Class III Assemblies" Webinar

ZESTRON is pleased to announce that it will host "Designing for Reliability in Class III Assemblies" on Tuesday October 26th, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST. This is the eighth and final installment of the ZESTRON Academy 2021 Cleaning Webinar Series, and will be presented by our industry expert, Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Ch.E, Senior Application Engineer.... | ZESTRON

ZESTRON is pleased to announce that it will host “Designing for Reliability in Class III Assemblies”

IPC and Apple to Develop New Standard for Green Cleaners to be Used in Electronics Manufacturing

IPC-1402 reflects industry commitment to advance green electronics and workplace safety... | IPC

IPC and Apple to Develop New Standard for Green Cleaners

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