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X-Tech Auctions ��� Auction Announcement 4/28/2022

Purbestinline pcb cleaning machine

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Technical Library

Deep Learning Based Defect Detection for Solder Joints on Industrial X-Ray Circuit Board Images

Quality control is of vital importance during electronics production. As the methods of producing electronic circuits improve, there is an increasing chance of solder defects during assembling the printed circuit board (PCB). Many technologies have been incorporated for inspecting failed soldering, such as X-ray imaging, optical imaging, and thermal imaging. With some ...

Credits: Southeast University (SEU)

Bare PCB Inspection By Mean Of ECT Technique With Spin-Valve GMR Sensor

The high-sensitive micro eddy-current testing (ECT) probe composed of planar meander coil as an exciter and spin-valve giant magneto-resistance (SV-GMR) sensor as a magnetic sensor for bare printed circuit board (PCB) inspection is proposed in this paper. The high-sensitive micro ECT probe detects ...

Credits: Kanazawa University

Bare PCB inspection for Track cut, Track Short and Pad Damage using simple Image Processing Operations

In this paper most commonly occurring Bare PCB defects such as Track Cut, Track short and Pad Damages are detected by Image processing techniques. Reference PCB without having any defects is compared with test PCB having defects to identify the defects and x-y coordinates ...

Credits: Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology (VVIET)

A Printed Circuit Board Inspection System With Defect Classification Capability

An automated visual PCB inspection is an approach used to counter difficulties occurred in human's manual inspection that can eliminates subjective aspects and then provides fast, quantitative, and dimensional assessments. In this study, referential approach has been implemented on template and defective PCB images to detect ...

Credits: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Automatic PCB Defect Detection Using Image Substraction Method

In this project Machine Vision PCB Inspection System is applied at the first step of manufacturing, i.e., the making of bare PCB. We first compare a PCB standard image with a PCB image, using a simple subtraction algorithm that can highlight the main problem-regions. We have also seen the effect of noise in a PCB image that at what level this method is suitable to detect ...

Credits: Al-Falah School of Engineering and Technology

Bare PCB Inspection By Mean Of ECT Technique With Spin-Valve GMR Sensor

The high-sensitive micro eddy-current testing (ECT) probe composed of planar meander coil as an exciter and spin-valve giant magneto-resistance (SV-GMR) sensor as a magnetic sensor for bare printed circuit board (PCB) inspection is proposed in this paper. The high-sensitive micro ECT probe detects the magnetic field distribution on the bare PCB and the image ...

Credits: Kanazawa University

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Electronics Forum

3D AOI Used Machine Recommendations -- Looking into getting an upgrade for the Mirtec MV7-U I have currently. I like the machine and the software is good but the 18k machine registration fee and refusal to supply manuals, replacement parts, ext is rather annoying. What recommendations are there for a used, 3D capable AOI machine? Smallest components placed are 0201 imperial and we have a large assortment of connectors, BGAs, flat packs, ext. Mostly looking for improvements in 201/402 tombstone detection and inspection speed. More open source software/manuals is always a plus but not having them wont ruin an otherwise good machine. Thanks all.

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HS50 Siemens Axis Control Board error (Intializing gantry axes) -- ello everyone, We have a Siemens HS50 error going on as soon as we boot up. It shows message saying "Machine is in test mode." Cause: Initalizing gantry axes. Start Sitest and check machine (firmwre versions,configuration, etc. It will try to reference and it will reference Gantrys 1,2,and 4. It errors out on Gantry3. I noticed it doesnt move in the Y direction. I ended up swapping the Axis Control Board 00335520S11(the (board that you turn the x,y and star off)with Gantry 2 and the problem followed to Gantry 2. I noticed it doesnt move in the Y and the IN light blinks in the Y axis. I went to Sitest-Firmware- and went to Y axis and noticed all but the Gantry i'm having problems with have and the problematic one has firmware. IS the axis control board bad or can i download the firmware. Is there anyone familiar with how to do this or should i order and replace with new one. I just dont want to make problem worse if i try downloading something and mess something else up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Count On Tools Offers Low-Cost ACE KISS Bullet Nozzles for Leaded & Lead-Free Solder

Count On Tools, Inc. (COT) is pleased to offer long lasting, low cost ACE Bullet nozzles for the KISS range of selective soldering machines.... | Count On Tools, Inc.

Nordson Electronics Solutions offers their latest dispensing, conformal coating, and selective soldering technologies at SMTConnect 2022

Nordson Electronics Solutions offers their latest dispensing, conformal coating, and selective soldering technologies at SMTConnect 2022... | Nordson Electronics Solutions

HZO Achieves UL Yellow Card Listing for Parylene

Nanocoating solutions company demonstrates dielectric strength of conformal coatings by passing UL746E certification testing for HZO Guardian Plus™ Parylene C coating... | HZO, Inc.

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X-Tech Auctions ��� Aug 28, 2022 Auction

Purbest ��� LTS Batch PCB Cleaner

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