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Au Thickness in ENIG PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed May 05 15:31:14 EDT 2021 | edhare

0.5 to 1 micron is typically too thick and can result in gold embrittlement of the solder joint. Typical IG thickness is 0.18 microns. see https://www.semlab.com/papers/gold-embrittlement-of-solder-joints/ Ed Hare

Board Warpage

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 29 11:18:16 EDT 2008 | julienvittu

basically your problems come from the copper balance top and bottom side we are using substrate down to 0.18mm (semiconductor industry/ Bga package / SIp business) you have to respect 5% difference maximum between Top and bottom side otherwise you


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 14 08:10:34 EDT 2015 | iamera

Hello Our production face a problem where our board after etching become shrinkage till 0.09mm but sometime it can be till 0.18mm. this happen after etching still the beginning of process not count for silver through hole and carbon process where th

How Solder paste Volume/Area is calculated for my product.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 15:58:36 EDT 2021 | rsatmech

My product has 2.4Mil and 3.1Mil stencil. For both the stencil my SPI specification is set as 30% to 160% How this is calculated. Can anyone enlight me. Solder Paste type 5. Minimum opening is 0.16*0.18mm in stencil.

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 31 09:08:27 EST 2008 | glezfl36

Since the implementation of the ROHS process in our Company with the higher temp requirements, we had observed an increase in problems related to delamination in the PCB's. Actually we are using FR408 and Gracescore materials and are changing to a Ve

Re: thanks

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 22:28:20 EST 2000 | Dave F

Taking things from a slightly different angle: Cost of assembling various packages based on volume: C/R placement: |$0.01 to 0.04 per part SOIC: | $0.03 PLCC based on lead count: | 20-39 $0.16 | 40-59 $0.18 | 60-79 $0.20 | 80-

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 02:04:19 EST 2019 | sssamw

From the picture, I cannot see clearly solder ball violate electrical clearance or cause a short, maybe it is. What I can see is the solder paste has some misalignment although it doesn't printed in solder mask area, but actual position will reduce

SMT component mis-aligned

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 21 13:35:04 EST 2005 | pmdeuel

we have a HSP 4796, and have had placement issues with 0402's. If you can rule out global correction, rev'ed boards and a loose nest or a lack of support under the board. Look at placement before reflow. If alignment problems are present before oven

ANN: PCB Synergy version

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 09:31:48 EDT 2018 | sarason

Dear Forum members, I am happy to announce the completion of version of PCBSynergy. The latest Update has a new file reader for Kicad V3 file format kicad_pcb. Also the previous update Eagle XML BRD reading was added. The MRU stuf

Printing SEMTECH SLP2710P8 8-pin package

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 07 07:55:30 EDT 2009 | robhs

Hi. We are planning a production run of a board that utilises the SEMTECH SLP2710P8 8-pin device (2.7 x 1.0 x 0.58mm). The part orientation on the board necessitates that the squeegee print direction approaches the stencil apertures on the long side

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