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BGA Reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon May 25 04:51:44 EDT 2009 | microdot

hi, we tried making a profile of a chip ATI 9000 mounted on a toshiba laptops, this is on a small pcb. the picture i have enclosed is used to remove the but when we tried to solder the chip using the same profile..it didnt work. Can anybody suggest

washing BGA`s

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 17:33:43 EST 2000 | Ivan Rojas

I will just like to know if is ok to build a board with a BGA ,with water soluable paste and washed or is better to use a no clean paste . And one last question , what do you guys think about the better paste Kester or Indium .

Re: washing BGA`s

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 18:53:04 EST 2000 | Russ

It is okay to use OA flux if you have a very robust cleaning process. lots of water and saponafier are good things. No-Clean is much safer when it comes to reliability. I personally like the Indium no-clean products. Russ

PCB wave dams

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 27 16:02:20 EST 2004 | Zaxx

Hi Paul, One way but it slows down the process, is to get fixturing pallets made. You can usually get a universal fixture made for anywhere from $185-225USD. Hopefully this can help. Sincerely, Zack Schmad


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 24 08:03:17 EDT 2005 | james

I need some help here. I just to see what suggestions anyone else has. Our Man. Eng. has 3 profiles on our 9 zone Heller Reflow oven. These are the profiles: 1. 120 140 150 150 180 200 215 250 220 29in per minute 2. 120 130 145 150 150 185 20

Set up inspection spec for SPI machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 02:10:01 EDT 2018 | buckcho

Hello sir, Limits in SPI can vary a lot, also depending on finishing of the pcb. For example 170% volume on an IC (assuming is fine pitch) can be okay for ENIG, but very bad if HASL. For are I would recommend that you use either 50-130, or 60-135 max

PCB Standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 10 15:10:55 EDT 1998 | Rich

I am looking for the Industry standards on vias. Are they required to be plated with solder or is copper plating enough? What about reliabilty with either one? Also, if tenting the via is required should it be copper plated or solder plated over c

depanelization of fab array

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 17 18:44:13 EST 2002 | davef

Two suppliers of singulation machines are: * Wand 847.459.2400fax2421 * Circuit Technology 847.705.2140fax2141 Search the fine SMTnet Archives for additional discussion. Also, look here: http://www.assemblymag.com/execute-vSection-Articles-vSu

Dirty Reflow oVens.

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 08:15:37 EST 2008 | jola

Our profile tempatures in the owen is: Preheat 6 zoones 135,155,165,175,185,195. Peak 3 zoones 255,245,240. We do check our profiles with test probs and a "Surveier" temrature recorder every 3 month and we are within the paste supplyer recommendation

Problem with rigid-flex PCB pressing (PVC and PET damage)

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 21 04:27:44 EST 2014 | leadthree

Are you really sure that related to my issue? Anyway, in the meantime I experimented a bit with a PVC supplier and now I have a soft PVC that can handle my 185°C (365°F) for 90 Minutes. It becomes a little bit yellow - the previous got cat-black.

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