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Re: OK/Metcal BGA Rework Stations - Pros & Cons?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 12:58:40 EDT 1998 | Phil Teerink

| Anybody using this equipment? Got some pros & cons for me? | Thanks in advance. Have had one for about six months good results, takes some practice though Call me if you wish to discuss 604-291-2025

Re: CIMBridge vs Unicam on CIM system

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 21:27:27 EDT 1998 | Phil Teerink

| We are seeking information on comparison between Cimbridge of Mitron and Unicam CIM system. Please help. I have not seen Cimbridge, but have been using UNICAM for the past year. give me a call if you'd like to discuss it's merits 604-291-2025

Re: IR rework stations

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 10:37:06 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| Hiya, | | Could anyone please suggest recommended manufacturers of | IR rework stations for the removal of various SMT comps. | | Cheers | Hey Jack: Let's not get lost. The issue is money versus process control. How much do you have versus h

Universal 4796B Questions...

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 14:23:54 EDT 2007 | ratsalad

Ben, I'm glad I could help. Since I've rewritten the code in Java, and I think it's much nicer now. We still don't have an AOI in place, so I don't know what is happening with that. There are Windows versions of UCT you can use for

Low cost automatic pick and place

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 26 08:30:10 EST 2010 | davef

Low cost prototyping * TWS Automation Quadra [www.tws-automation.com 39 0585 634758] * Versatronic RV4 [VSMT Solutions Ltd; 6 Dean Way, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury HP22 5GB, Buckinghamshire; 01296 630341 F01296 632144 http://www.vsmt.co.uk; David Clemen

BGA ziff socket rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 03:33:07 EDT 2004 | tuner73

Is anyone out there reworking the AMP BGA ziff sockets? AMP's recommendation is that it cannot be reworked. I have successfully reworked the 604 ball version of this socket, but I am having problems with the 603 ball version. I am using an Air-Vac

Reliablility Monitoring

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 01 16:42:45 EDT 2000 | Robert Hartmann

Our company is putting a BGA/CSP package assembly line together. We have been studying different assembly houses reliability (short and long term) monitoring programs. I was wondering if some of you who use BGA's/CSP's for your MCM's and Hybrid's

Re: Varistors that leak, political football anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 13 10:10:48 EDT 2000 | Todd

Donnie In response to your questions; 1. Flux is Multi-core X32-10M 2. Preheaters temperatures can range based on board density. the goal is to get the top side to 100C before wave. 3. Components can't be placed after wave solder, they are surface m

NETCO Dip inserter

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 14 13:12:41 EDT 1998 | Phil Teerink

I have an old Dip inserter that management would like to get running, as it has been sitting for about 5 yrs Not a problem, as it seems in good condition, but i have "inheirited" it from the previous tech, and no one seems to know how to run it or wh

Re: Lemme' re-phrase that

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 17:56:44 EDT 1998 | Ben again

| Ben: NEPCON does not have to cost $20k, try $3K. Dave F | Airfare for advance ticketing $200 | Room ($60*4 nights ) 240 | Chow ($50*4 days) 200 | Learning courses ($800*3 courses) 2,400 | TTOTAL

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